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Albert Arsenion Letter of Rec

Albert Arsenion Letter of Rec

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Published by Daniel V Donnelly

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Published by: Daniel V Donnelly on Dec 06, 2011
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April 18, 2005 Name of school Address Address, CA 99999

To: Re:

Whom it may concern Albert Arsenio: Letter of Recommendation

It is a pleasure to write this letter for Mr. Albert Arsenio. I have known Albert for several years and have had the opportunity to interact with him on both a personal and professional level. I have been lucky enough to have Albert in many of my multimedia and graphic design classes, and he has worked as a Lab Assistant for our department for the last two semesters. Albert’s ability to work with students and faculty is exhibited by his role as our Lab Assistant. He is competent and extremely knowledgeable about all of the software programs we teach, and he has the ability to troubleshoot problems with our computers and peripherals when needed. As Albert has attended classes in our department I have been able to follow his growth as a designer both in class and outside of school for his own freelance clients. Albert has a true sense of design aesthetics and is able to conceptualize and render his ideas quickly and cleanly, especially when on a deadline. Albert is well versed in both graphic design and multimedia design. This allows him to use his skills in many different areas, including interactive design, video, and print graphics. I would recommend Albert for any design position for which he is applying. His passion for design as well as his knowledge of graphic design and multimedia will make him a valuable asset to any employer.

Respectfully, SIGNATURE Daniel Dewey Director of Multimedia Studies Name of School Phonr Number

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