Comprehension questions

8ead Lhe sLory below and answer Lhe quesLlons LhaL followŦ

Once upon o fime, fhere Iived o fierce ond wiId figer in o fhick foresf.
Every ofher onimoI hofed fhe figer for if Iikes fo show oFf. However, fhe
figer wos fhe princess of fhof counfry. Everydoy, Heero wouId come fo
fhe foresf fo coIIecf some wiId fIowers. She bofhes wifh fhe wiId fIowers
so fhof she sfoys young ond beoufifuI.
One doy, whiIe Princess Heero wos pIucking some IoveIy wiId orchids, fhe
figer opprooched her.She wos nof scored fo see fhe figer fhere buf she
spoke soffIy fo fhe wiId onimoI. "WouId you morry me 7 my Princess,"
begged fhe figer. WeII", she soid. "Do come fo my poIoce ond meef up my
fofher. If my fofher ogrees fhen I wouId be your wife,"soid Princess
In fhe poIoce, Princess Heero hod oIreody informed fhe king. He coIIed up oII
fhe poIoce guords ond sef up o frop. Soon, fhe figer orrived of fhe poIoce ond
feII info fhe frop.

. AII fhe onimoIs in fhe jungIe hofed fhe figer becouce if wos
A SeIfish
8 Proud
C Fierce
D WiId
Z. Why does Heero go fo fhe jungIe evorydoy7
A To see fhe figer
8 To pIoy wifh fhe onimoIs
C To bofhe in fhe river
D To gef fIowers in fhe jungIe
3.The word ,ppro,.hed con be repIoced wifh
A offocked her
8 come neor
C sfored of
D roored of
4.How wos fhe figer coughf of Iosf7
A if wos kiIIed
8 if wos shof
C if wos fropped
D if wos drowned
b. The opposife word for wiId is
A fierce
8 fome
C homeIess
D hobifof