PuTTing TogeTher a leaD cliP

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Putting together a lead clip
There are many different brands of lead clip available but this system is one of the best and simplest to piece together. You can slot it together and be ready to fish in just a few minutes – who said carp fishing is complicated?


Pinch the clip to open it and slide the hooklink on to it.


The hooklink is now attached to the leader.


Slide the silicone sleeve on the hooklink over the clip and link loop. Leave the swivel free to spin.


Fit the leger weight to the lead clip – the swivel of the leger should nestle in the recess of the clip.


Moisten the clip with saliva and slide the tail rubber on to it to secure the leger.


You don’t need to push the tail rubber fully on to the lead clip.


Here’s what you need: a Korda Safezone Hybrid Lead Clip leader and the hooklink we showed you how to tie earlier.


Unravel the leader and pull it straight. It’s stiffer than the mainline so it prevents tangles, and it’s dotted with tungsten to pin it to the lake bed.


Use a five-turn grinner knot (see page 153) to attach the leader to the end of the mainline.


Ideally you want the clip to open out and release the leger if it gets snagged. It stops the rig tethering a fish if the line breaks and also makes it easier to land carp in weedy lakes.


You need a hooklink clip to attach the hooklink to the swivel on the end of the leader.


Pinch the clip to open it and slide it on to the swivel.


The hooklink clip sits on the swivel ready to accept the link loop on the end of the hooklink.


Here’s the finished rig ready to be baited and cast out.


This 48lb carp is my biggest fish caught in Britain and was landed on a lead clip rig.


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