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Volume 1I1, Issue 1V December 2011

Collins family advocates for dental clinics
On Tuesday, Nov 1, City Council’s Quality of Life Committee, Chaired by Council Member Laure Quinlivan, invited Bootsy Collins and his wife Patti and others to attend a hearing about the importance of Cincinnati dental services and discuss the tragic loss of their nephew, Kyle Willis, from untreated dental problems. On Aug 30 Kyle Willis, a 24-yr-old single father, passed away after a tooth infection spread to his brain as a result of being unable to afford a prescribed antibiotic. His death was preventable. "I want to emphasize the importance of continuing to invest in this area," said Dr. Wael Safi, chairman of the Cincinnati Board of Health. "Our budget has decreased as our needs have increased." The Collins family’s willingness to help raise awareness in Cincinnati is already having an impact. The committee members have indicated they support a proposal to allow for one of the city’s five health centers to see more patients in the evenings and on weekends. According to the Ohio Department of Health, access to dental services is the leading unmet health need for children and lowincome adults in Ohio. The City of Cincinnati’s five Primary Care Health Centers and Crest Smile Shoppe Dental Clinic see over 10,000 dental patients, perform 24,000 dental en-

Bootsy Collins with wife, Patti Collins at the Quality of Life Committee hearing on Nov 1

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counters and 7,000 dental visits annually. Seventy-two percent of these patients have no form of insurance. Annually 35,000 patients utilize the City’s Health Centers and 58% have no form of health insurance and are ineligible for Medicaid.

Funds improve CHD Call Center
CHD’s Call Center recently opened thanks in part to a $91,500 grant from the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati. The Call Center will improve customer service and allow patients to schedule appointments for any of the CHD’s six health centers, utilizing just one phone number. CHD operates six health centers, providing comprehensive primary care services to Cincinnati’s uninsured and underinsured residents . For information about the Health Centers or to make an appointment, call 513.357.7320.

Open House on Nov 15. From Left: Asst. Health Commissioner Joyce Tate, Health Commissioner Dr. Noble Maseru, Francie Wolgen, Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati Councilman Wendell Young and Director, CCPC Health Centers Staci Wagner

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Health Matters

CHD welcomes new Board member Dr. Camille Graham
Camille Graham, M.D., recently became the Board of Health’s newest member and was sworn in at November’s meeting. Dr. Graham is currently the Executive Community Physician for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. She is also the President of Mid-City Pediatrics, Inc. where she practices full-time as a pediatrician. Dr. Graham will serve a threeyear term which ends October 19, 2014. CHD welcomes Dr. Graham to the Cincinnati Board of Health!

‘What’s Your Green Umbrella?’
Mayor Mark Mallory has launched a new multimedia campaign in a partnership between the City of Cincinnati and Green Umbrella, called “What’s Your Green Umbrella?” The major component of the campaign is the website which allows people to calculate their “Green” activities and track how much energy they save. Users are able to then identify which behaviors contribute to sustainability and reduce carbon emissions. The goal of the campaign is to register 30,000 people to reduce carbon emissions by 300,000 tons. Those who participate can track

Keeping the Holidays Healthy
It’s that time of year for being with family, enjoying great meals and consuming lots of delicious, excess food and drink. Here are a few ideas for healthier Holiday dinners for you to enjoy without taking in too many calories. Keep portion sizes small. A portion size is the size of the palm of your hand or a deck of cards. Eat white meat instead of dark meat. There are fewer calories in white meat. Use low fat and low sodium soups as healthier ingredient alternatives. By: Chris Field

how much energy and money they save through activities such as biking instead of driving a car, washing laundry in cold water and using compact fluorescent bulbs. “What’s Your Green Umbrella?” is funded through a grant from the Office of Environmental Quality by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The grant is for three years and will serve as a platform for increasing Cincinnati’s sustainability through marketing and outreach efforts. Green Umbrella is a regional sustainability alliance consisting of 100+ member organizations for the improvement of economic vitality and quality of life in the Tri-State region. For more information or to register, visit

cent data showing that Ohio’s power plants emit more mercury pollution than 48 other states. According to data from the Environmental Protection Agency, Ohio is ranked number two in the nation for emitting the most mercury pollution from power plants. In 2010, power plants emitted a total of 4,218 pounds of mercury pollution in in Ohio. “Our health is precious and mercury from Ohio power plants puts it at risk,” said Dr. Marilyn Crumpton Director of CHD’s Division of School and Adolescent Health.

Another high score for CHD’s Emergency Preparedness
Cincinnati scored a 96% from the Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI), an effort which increases local emergency preparedness. The CRI is a federally-funded effort to prepare U.S. cities and metropolitan areas to respond effectively to a large-scale bioterrorist event. CHD’s Center for Public Health Preparedness (CPHP) manages Cincinnati’s response to a bioterrorist event. Annually, reviews are conducted in each jurisdiction to ensure continued readiness. Congrats to Dr. Steven Englender, Director for CPHP, Senior Environmentalist/Safety Specialists John Dunham and Ami McLandsborough and Administrative Technician Sam Thompson for their outstanding work. “Like” CHD on Facebook at department

Mercury pollution, Ohio 2nd highest
On Thursday, Nov 10, Environment Ohio, a statewide environmental advocacy organization, held a press conference to discuss reMatt Caffrey of Environment Ohio with Dr. Marilyn Crumpton, CHD’s Director for the Division of School and Adolescent Health at the Nov 10 event.