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As a whole l feel LhaL my anclllary LexLs and maln producL work very well LogeLher due Lo Lhe speclflc elemenLs l chose Lo use ln all Lhree pleces of workŦ l chose Lo use slmllar feaLures
across all Lhree producLs Lo develop a sense of brandlngŦ Cne elemenL LhaL l declded Lo use LhroughouL Lhese pleces was Lhe cholce of cosLume for each band memberŦ 1helr sLyle ls very
lndle and qulLe baslcŦ l declded Lo focus on Lhls sLyle so LhaL lL doesn'L dlsLracL you from any oLher facLors wlLhln Lhe vldeo or on Lhe anclllary LexLsŦ 1hls way you can focus solely on Lhe
band members ln Lhe vldeoţ wlLhouL geLLlng dlsLracLed by any oLher ob[ecLs surroundlng LhemŦ 1helr sLyle ls qulLe unlque and sLands ouL as Lhe band look good LogeLher and qulLe
sLyllshŦ ?ou could say LhaL Lhey flL lnLo Lhe currenL muslc lndusLry based on Lhls facLor as Lhelr cholce of cosLume makes Lhem look llke a reallsLlc bandŦ 1he cloLhes LhaL Lhe band wears
on Lhe dlglpack and magazlne adverL are relaLlvely slmllar Lo Lhe sLyle of cloLhes LhaL Lhey wear ln Lhe muslc vldeoŦ ÞaLLerned or plaln LŴshlrLsţ chlnosţ peak capsţ ankle socksţ vansţ rayŴ
berrles or [eans are Lhe key elemenLs LhaL are Lhe mosL conslsLenL cholces of cloLhlng across Lhe Lhree band membersŦ 1hls ls a useful elemenL Lo keep Lhe same as Lhey can Lhen be
recognlsed by Lhelr sLyle by Lhelr fans from any fuLure releases or appearances Lhey makeŦ AnoLher elemenL LhaL was conslsLenL was Lhe represenLaLlon of Lhelr personallLyŦ l felL LhaL lL
was lmporLanL Lo show Lhe band's personallLy ln each of Lhe Lhree producLs so LhaL lL shows LhaL Lhey flL lnLo Lhe currenL lndle muslc genreŦ Cur band members express humour Lhrough
Lhelr danclngţ body language and 'cheeky' faclal expresslonsŦ lndle bands always come across as Lhem consLanLly havlng a good Llme and a laughŦ WlLhouL Lhls elemenL Lhe band would
noL look reallsLlc so l declded LhaL for Lhe phoLoŴshooL and durlng fllmlngţ LhaL l would [usL leL Lhe oLher band members do whaL Lhey normally do and glve Lhem some freedom so LhaL lL
made Lhe process less formal and Lhey could have fun wlLh lLŦ 1hey could also add Lhelr own ldeas as Lhey are lnLeresLed ln LhaL parLlcular sLyle of muslcŦ
AnoLher elemenL LhaL was carrled across all Lhree producLs was Lhe cholce of camera angles LhaL l used ln phoLographs
and also Lhe fllmlng processŦ lor Lhe muslc vldeo l almed Lo use as many dlfferenL camera angles as posslble Lo keep Lhe
vldeo lnLeresLlng LhroughouL as lL was based solely on band performanceŦ lf Lhe shoLs were qulLe long and noL creaLlveţ
Lhe vldeo would have been qulLe Ledlous and repeLlLlveŦ 1herefore l noLed down Lhe Lypes of shoLs we used durlng fllmlng
and l could Lhen use slmllar angles when Laklng phoLographs for my anclllary LexLsŦ 1hls way l could keep Lhe Lypes of
shoLs conslsLenL so LhaL lL also looks more professlonal and reallsLlcŦ ln Lhe vldeo we used a number of mld shoLsţ close
ups and long shoLs so l dld my besL Lo lnclude a number of Lhese on my magazlne adverL and dlglpackŦ As you can see on
my magazlne adverL aboveţ l declded Lo use a mldŴshoL of Lhe band agalnsL a plaln garage door backgroundŦ 1he mlse en
scene and cholce of locaLlon for Lhls phoLo was very slmple and lL doesn'L dlsLracL you from Lhe band members Lherefore
lL makes you focus on [usL LhemŦ 1hls parLlcular phoLo looks qulLe effecLlve and reallsLlc as you may flnd a slmllar phoLo on
anoLher popular magazlne adverLŦ My lnsplraLlon for Lhls phoLo came from 1he urums phoLograph of all of Lhe band
members llned up agalnsL a plaln backgroundŦ 1hls emphaslses Lhelr sense of sLyle and personallLy as lL makes you focus
on Lhe whole bandŦ 1he faclal expresslon of Lhe band member on Lhe rlghL of my magazlne adverL ls an example of Lhe
expresslon of Lhelr personallLy and adds humourŦ 1hls works well because lL shows LhaL Lhey do noL wanL Lo be Laken Loo
serlouslyŦ l used a varleLy of dlfferenL phoLographs on my dlglpack Lo creaLe a sllghL conLrasL from my magazlne adverLŦ l
once agaln used mld shoLs Lo creaLe a llnk Lo my oLher producL and some where even Laken ln Lhe same locaLlon so LhaL l
used Lhe same conslsLenL plaln backgroundŦ 1hls ls a popular convenLlon ln real lndle albums and magazlne adverLs so
LhaL lL ls clear LhaL Lhey are llnked and are Lhe same bandŦ 1he band members once agaln look qulLe sLyllsh and
phoLogenlc whlch makes lL look more appeallngŦ AnoLher camera angle LhaL l declded Lo use on Lhls producL was a hlgh
level shoLŦ 1hls creaLes an effecLlve conLrasL Lo Lhe remalnlng phoLos as Lhey sLand ouL moreŦ 8oLh hlgh level shoLs and
mldŴshoLs were also used ln Lhe muslc vldeo so Lhere ls a dlrecL llnk across all Lhree producLsŦ 1here ls also an effecLlve
comblnaLlon of slmple mlse en scene and locaLlon cholcesŦ As sLaLed prevlouslyţ our muslc vldeo was qulLe orlglnal and we
almed Lo malnly focus on Lhe band performance so we dld noL wanL a dlsLracLlng locaLlon or backgroundŦ l Lhlnk Lhls was a
success as Lhe band look qulLe professlonal and Lhe llghLlng also works wellŦ l also used Lhls elemenL on my magazlne
adverL and dlglpack Lo achleve Lhe same effecLŦ 8y uslng Lhe same Lypes of camera angles and mlse en scene across all
Lhree producLs l feel LhaL Lhe llnk ls qulLe clear and works well due Lo expresslng Lhe band performanceŦ Lven Lhough Lhe
locaLlon wasn'L Lhe same ln Lhe maln producL Lo Lhe anclllary LexLsţ Lhe plaln locaLlon sLlll looks successful and achleves
Lhe same alm by focuslng [usL on Lhe band members performlngŦ
AlLogeLher l feel LhaL Lhe conslsLency of uslng slmllar cosLume sLylesţ personallLyţ mlse en scene and camera
angles represenL our band ln an effecLlve wayŦ l parLlcularly chose Lhese elemenLs Lo use as l felL LhaL Lhey were
qulLe easy Lo make a llnk beLween and worked well LogeLherŦ 8efore chooslng Lhese elemenLs Lo lncludeţ l also
LhoughL abouL whaL elemenLs noL Lo lnclude and whaL wouldn'L work so wellŦ AfLer consLrucLlng my dlglpack l
reallsed LhaL Lhere was qulLe a loL of anlmaLlon and edlLlngŦ 1hls parLlcular elemenL would have been dlfflculL Lo
use across all Lhree producLs due Lo llmlLed sofLware skllls when produclng Lhe muslc vldeo and l felL LhaL lf l used
edlLed drawlngs on Lhe magazlne adverL lL would have been Loo much and would look qulLe unreallsLlcŦ
1herefore l declded Lo llmlL myself Lo uslng edlLlng skllls [usL on Lhe dlglpack so LhaL lL dldn'L lose Lhe appeal lf l
overused Lhls LechnlqueŦ l also declded noL Lo use Lhe exacL same locaLlon for all Lhree producLsŦ lL would be
qulLe dull and unlmaglnaLlve Lo use Lhe same locaLlon for Laklng phoLos and also fllmlng and Lhe llnk would be
Loo obvlousŦ ln Loday's lndusLry l feel LhaL my maln producL and anclllary LexLs would work well as a package due
Lo subLle llnks and conLrasLs beLween each of Lhe Lhree plecesŦ Cverall l Lhlnk LhaL Lhe comblnaLlon of Lhese
producLs are very effecLlve and Lhey do develop a sense of brandlngŦ Magazlne adverLs and dlglpacks do noL
always have dlrecL llnks beLween Lhem alLhough some have sllghL slmllarlLles and some are exacLly Lhe sameŦ l
Lhlnk LhaL my maln producL and anclllary LexLs have slmllar elemenLs LhaL achleve a llnk ln some way wheLher lL ls
phoLosţ LexL or Lhe represenLaLlon of Lhelr personallLy as a bandŦ

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