November 30, 2011 Dr.

Lew Blackburn, President Board of Trustees Dallas Independent School District 3700 Ross Avenue Dallas, Texas 75204 Dear Dr. Blackburn, Much has been said and written by various self-interest groups, the media, and stakeholders describing what they felt should be the criteria for the next Superintendent of the Dallas Independent School District. Unfortunately, the voice of the Latino community in Dallas has not been heard or solicited as yet. Consequently, a cross-section of several Latino Organizations has come together to voice our opinion and speak for the 71% of the student enrollment and 42% of the residents of the City of Dallas. It is our feeling and belief that the candidates for Superintendent of the Dallas Public Schools should possess the following characteristics or attributes: l. The candidate must have a proven track record working with limited English proficient students (LEP) or English Language Learners (ELL). 2. The Candidate must have a proven track record with programs that address the instructional needs of English Language Learners. 3. The Candidate must have a proven track record in communicating with a diverse group of parent stakeholders. 4. The Candidate must have a proven track record in budget planning and finances in an urban school system with a minimum of 75,000 students or more. 5. The Candidate must have a skill base and experience in working with diverse, racial and ethnic community groups. 6. The Candidate must have a proven track record of successful management skills in creating teacher morale and effective appraisal processes. 7. The Candidate must have the ability to communicate effectively with the Board of Board of Trustees and be able to develop strong relationships with other governmental entities. 8. The Candidate must have a proven track record in utilizing effective data and research as it applies to a large urban school district that is student-centered. 9. The Candidate must have a strong investment of time, effort in education and a strong commitment to public education.

10. The Candidate must have a strong commitment to diversity and equal employment opportunity in recruitment, hiring and promotion to all staffing levels in the Dallas ISD.

Sincerely, Hector M. Flores Executive Director Association of Hispanic Administrators of Dallas

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