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Jun Ma Resume

Jun Ma Resume

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Published by: Jun Ma on Dec 06, 2011
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Phone1 573 529 6766 EmaiI:majuntina@yahoo.com.

//7ess: 708 Dehaven Drive, Columbia, MO, 65202, USA
:n Ma
2009/9-2011/01 Resea7.h ssistant in Unive7sity of Misso:7i Inte7nationaI
 Arrange conferences and tours for international media, academic, and government
 Ìnterpret conferences and lectures for Chinese delegations

2011/02--2011/07 M:Itime/ia 7epo7te7 in NationaI P7ess CI:-
 Shoot and edit for "Weekly Rewind,¨ a multimedia platform to show conferences
and other activities in NPC
 Assist with live and on-demand Webcast conferences and events.
2010/5--2010/7 ssistant P7o/:.e7 in China Cent7aI TeIevision ChanneI 2
ÂAssistant Producer to CCTV Channel 2 2010 summer program "100 Days to Health¨
ÂShoot and edit promo video
2009/9--2010/1 M:Itime/ia Repo7te7 in CoI:m-ia Misso:7ian, KBI, KOMU
ÂReport multimedia and traditional news in Columbia local media including Columbia
Missourian, KBÌA, and KOMU, an affiliate TV station to NBC
2009/4--2009/6 US an/ Spanish jo:7naIists' assistant
ÂAssist an APTN/WSJ/Fortune freelance journalist and a journalist for :3/4
ÂResearch background, pre-interview & interview sources, including central
governmental officials and professors
2008/6--2008/9 Repo7te7 in Shanghai Mo7ning Post
 112 published news stories, including 32 independently completed pieces, 12 cover
stories, and one full-page news story
2007/9--2007/11 We-.asting 7epo7te7 fo7 2007 Spe.iaI OIympi. Games
 SO Webcasting program provides one video for each match to SO official website
 Manage teamwork to shoot, edit, and upload
2005/10--2007/6 Repo7te7 an/ E/ito7 in C Exp7ess
 Served two years as reporter and one year as editor in Shanghai Ìnternational
Studies University's campus newspaper JC Express

2009/9-P7esent Misso:7i S.hooI of o:7naIism, CoI:m-ia, MO
 Graduate student in Journalism, multimedia concentration
2005/9--2009/5 Shanghai Inte7nationaI St:/ies Unive7sity, Shanghai, China
 Bachelor of Arts, major in Ìnternational Journalism
 Seven semesters of SÌSU Scholarships

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