1eam Lessons Learned

1Ŧ CommunlcaLlonŴ Cver Lhe course of Lhe pro[ecLţ one lmporLanL lesson we learned concerned
communlcaLlonŦ WlLh so many asslgnmenLs and plannlng LhaL needed Lo Lake place ln order Lo puL on
such a large compeLlLlon beLween Lhe sLudenLs of Lhe schoolţ sLaylng ln consLanL conLacL helped us keep
all members of Lhe group on Lhe same pageŦ

2Ŧ SLaylng on 1askŴ We learned qulckly how lmporLanL lL was Lo sLay on Lask durlng our face Lo face
meeLlngsŦ We Lyplcally meL on Mondays and lL was easy for us Lo geL off Loplc and dlscuss Lhe evenLs of
Lhe weekendŦ When we reallzed how much Llme we were wasLlngţ we declded Lo geL Lhrough Lhe
agenda and have ºfree Llme" Lo Lalk and chaL aL Lhe end of our meeLlngŦ 1hls helped us become much
more efflclenL and geL done whaL we needed Lo geL doneŦ

3Ŧ Synergy/allgnmenLŴ Cur ablllLy Lo flnd Leam allgnmenL/synergy rlghL from Lhe sLarL of our pro[ecL was
very lmporLanL Lo our successŦ WlLh allgnmenLţ we found a commonallLy of purposeţ a shared vlslonţ
and undersLandlng of how Lo complemenL one anoLher's efforLsŦ AllgnmenL helped our Leam sLay goal
orlenLaLed LhroughouL Lhe pro[ecLŦ

4Ŧ AccounLablllLyŴ As a Leam we learned LhaL lL ls necessary Lo have accounLablllLy ln every aspecL of Lhe
pro[ecL or we wouldn'L be successfulŦ We dlvlded up each parL of Lhe pro[ecL and gave deadllnes as Lo
when Lhey should be flnlshedŦ AL almosL every meeLlng we dlscussed whaL was done and whaL was sLlll a
work ln progress so LhaL everyone was on Lhe same pageŦ 8ecause Lhere were so many asslgnmenLs and
preparaLlons LhaL needed Lo Lake place for each evenLţ clarlfylng [ob Lasks helped us sLay on Lask as a

3Ŧ Lack of ConfllcLŴ As a Leam we dld noL have much confllcL aL allŦ WheLher Lhls was a good or bad Lhlng
we wlll never knowŦ uue Lo our already close bond we were able Lo keep Lhe llnes of communlcaLlon
open LhroughouL Lhe whole pro[ecLŦ As a Leam we rarely had any argumenLsţ buL lf we dldţ Lhey were
shorL llved and we were forLunaLe enough Lo come Lo a consensus qulcklyŦ We Look Lhe Llme Lo address
problemsţ blg or smallţ as Lhey rose lmmedlaLelyŦ

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