Facebook  101:  Using  Facebook  as  a  Professional  Development  Tool  

If  you’re  like  most  educators,  your  busy  schedule  makes  it  challenging  to  find  time  to   connect  with  your  colleagues.  Facebook  can  make  the  challenge  easier.  In  this  section  we   highlight  some  ways  you  can  use  Facebook  as  a  resource  for  professional  development.   First  and  foremost,  you  can  use  the  Facebook  for  Educators  page   (facebook.com/FBforEducators)    as  a  place  to  learn  about  and  share  best  practices,  teaching   strategies,  or  tips  on  how  to  use  Facebook  and  other  social  technologies  in  the  classroom.   This  page  has  become  a  professional  development  hub  where  thousands  of  educators  share   ideas,  inspiration,  and  solutions.   Another  way  to  use  Facebook  in  professional  development  is  to  “Like”  the  Facebook  Pages   that  relate  to  your  subject  matter.  This  includes  your  professional  association  and   conferences  you  attend.  When  you  “Like”  Facebook  Pages  that  are  relevant  to  you,  it  will   save  you  time  by  delivering  resources  of  interest  to  you  directly  to  your  Facebook  News   Feed.  

Professional  Development  Resources  on  Facebook  
Teachers.TV   National  Science  Teachers   Association  (NSTA)   National  Council  of  Teachers  of   English  (NCTE)   National  Council  of  Teachers  of   Mathematics  (NCTM)   National  Council  for  the  Social   Studies  (NCSS)   U.S.  Department  of  Education   (DOE)   International  Reading   Association  (IRA)   National  School  Board   Art  Educator   Association  (NSBA)   NAEA)   American  Library  Association   (ALA)   International  Society  for   Technology  in  Education  (ISTE)   Department  for  Education  (UK)   http://www.facebook.com/TeachersTV   http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4734309314   http://www.facebook.com/ncte.org   http://www.facebook.com/TeachersofMathematics   http://www.facebook.com/socialstudies.org   http://www.facebook.com/SecretaryArneDuncan   http://www.facebook.com/pages/International-­‐Reading-­‐ Association/81491751082   http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-­‐National-­‐School-­‐ http://www.facebook.com/arteducators   Boards-­‐Association/11810947910   http://www.ala.org/   http://www.facebook.com/pages/ISTE/8828374188   http://www.facebook.com/educationgovuk  



You  can  also  create  a  Group  on  Facebook  for  the  teachers  in  your  school,  district  or  subject   matter  association.  Doing  so  provides  on-­‐demand  opportunities  for  professional   development,  knowledge  exchange  and  the  ability  to  easily  share  content  or  even  your   Microsoft  Office  files  with  the  Docs.com  Facebook  App.  

More  Resources  for  Facebook  in  Education  
In  addition  to  our  Facebook  for  Educators  Guide,  we  have  created  a  series  of  step-­‐by-­‐step   (free)  handouts  (http://facebookforeducators.org/handouts)  to  help  you  learn  how  to  get   the  most  out  of  Facebook  Pages  (http://facebookforeducators.org/pages)  and  Facebook   Groups  (http://facebookforeducators.org/groups),  along  with  ‘Pro  Tips’  to  teach  you  how   to  use  the  many  features  on  Facebook  in  your  classroom.   We  also  invite  you  to  join  the  conversation  and  share  your  best  practices  for  using  social   media  in  the  classroom  with  educators  from  around  the  world  on  our  Facebook  for   Educators  Page  (www.facebook.com/FBforEducators).   Facebook  for  Educators  Guide  is  available  in  English,  Spanish,  German  and  Portuguese  on   www.FacebookForEducators.org    and  http://www.scribd.com/FacebookforEducators  .  

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Linda  is  the  mother  of  eight  children  ranging  in  ages  from  12  –  27.  She  is  the  recognized   Facebook  expert  for  parents  and  educators.  She  is  an  Author  and  Public  Speaker.  

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Behavior  psychologist  BJ  Fogg,  Ph.D.,  directs  a  research  lab  at  Stanford  and  teaches  courses   related  to  Facebook.  Fortune  named  him  one  of  the  "10  New  Gurus  You  Should  Know."  

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