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A guide Of Nairobi City Development Ordinances And Zones
“In Pursuit of Excellence in Local Planning”

With the continued high rate of urbanization. institutional or religious. therefore. while ensuring that the character and amenity of the area are not adversely affected. both our civic leaders and professionals – who have the power and knowledge – have to sustain this challenge by helping and involving the city residents in making this city a more pleasant place to live in. Peter M Kibinda 1 .Foreword by Director of City Planning The planning system plays an important role in modern society. ease the procedures for making development applications and hence curtail inappropriate illegal developments. my humble submission that for effective planning interpretation and compliance. the City Council of Nairobi has a duty to use planning controls to ensure that development is allowed only where it is needed. this pamphlet gives prospective developers general planning guidelines that would hasten awareness on development control. How we live our lives is shaped by where we live. industrial. Our planning regulations therefore have to cover many different situations that influence the shape of lives of every city resident and help protect the urban environment. For a concerted approach to achieve these planning objectives. It is meant to protect amenity and the environment in the public interest. commercial. This pamphlet gives a simplified guide to those aspects of the development ordinances that every property developer in this City requires in setting up any form of development – be it residential. It is.

in tabular form from page 3. accessing of departmental reference maps or any assistance on these ordinances. The sixth column shows the type(s) of development allowed. A brief description or name(s) of the covered area(s) is given in this column. this pamphlet is a summary of planning ordinances to be shared with interested stakeholders to ensure that development control. and indeed the wider planning agenda is being implemented effectively across the city. 1st Floor 2 . development control will only be effective if all stakeholders work closely together. feel free to contact: Assistant Director Forward Planning Section City Hall 2nd Floor Room No. shows the zone number on the first column. For those who are not seasoned in interpreting the contents of this column. The eighth and last column gives the general policy issues for elaboration. 9 OR Assistant Director Development Control Section City Hall Annexe. followed by the corresponding geographical area covered in the second column. The summary.Overview The information contained here is based on what the City Planning Department is already doing to control development in the entire city and is open to challenges to do it better. These maps can be accessed on request. The third and fourth columns show the percentages of permitted Ground Coverage (GC) and Plot Ratios (PR) respectively. For further information. To improve on outcomes. the relevant departmental reference map number is given in the fifth column. Towards this direction. while the general minimum zone plot size is indicated on the seventh column.

Offices (Community) • Block 2 .AREAS COVERED Central Business District (CBD) GC % PR % Dept Ref.Comm/Off 1E • Block 3 .) • • 1A • • • Core CBD Peri-CBD West of Tom Mboya St East Of Tom Mboya St Uhuru H/W/ University Way/Kipande Rd Upper Hill Area • Block 1 . AREA (Ha. Map TYPE (S) OF DEVELOPMENT ALLOWED MIN.Htls.05 3 .Offs) Eastleigh • Eastleigh District Centre • Eastleigh Comm/Residential 2 Pumwani/Califarnia Ziwani/ Starehe • Commercial • Residential ZONE REMARKS/POLICY ISSUES 80 80 60 80 80 600 CP/FP/XXX 500 600 350 500 Commercial/Residential/Light Industry 0.Institutional (KNH) • Block 6 .Residential • Block 5 .Offices • Block 4 .05 Commercial/Residential (High-rise Flats) 0.(Mixed: Inst.05 80 60 60 80 35 250 240 240 150 75 Commercial/Residential (High-rise Flats) CP/FP/X XX CP/FP/XXX 0.05 60 60 60 35 300 CP/FP/XXX 250 300 150 Commercial/Offices/ Residential 0.

05 4 35(s) 25(u) 75(s) 25(u) Residential (Apartments allowed on sewer only) – Four Storeys Max. CP/FP/XXX 0.1(S) • CP/FP/XXX Maisonettes Allowed On Sewered Areas Of Lavington 35 25 25 75 25 6 Muthaiga New Muthaiga 25 CP/FP/XX X Low-Density Residential 0.AREAS COVERED Parklands • Commercial • Residential City Park Estate /Upper Parklands Westlands • Westlands CBD • Westlands/Museum Hill o Block 1 Commercial o Block 2&3 Offices & Highrise Residential o Block 4 Offices o Block 5 Commercial/Residential Hotels Spring Valley Riverside Drive Kileleshwa Kilimani Thompson Woodley Upper Spring Valley Kyuna Loresho Lavington /Bernard Estate o o On sewer Unserwerd GC % PR % Dept Ref.) ZONE REMARKS/POLICY ISSUES 50 35 35 100 75 75 0.2(u) 0.05 3 80 240 CP/FP/XXX 80 35 80 200 80 200 Commercial/Offices/Residential (High Rise Flats) – Four Storeys Max. 0. Map CP/FP/XXX TYPE (S) OF DEVELOPMENT ALLOWED Commercial/Residential (Highrise Flats) MIN. AREA (Ha.2 Single Family Dwelling 4 .05 • Policy Under Review 25 25 5 Low-Density Residential OneFamily House 0.

AREA (Ha. o Site-and-service Schemes Condominiums (Single Rooms) • 0. Map CP/FP/XXX TYPE (S) OF DEVELOPMENT ALLOWED MIN.05 ZONE REMARKS/POLICY ISSUES Special Scheduled HighDensity Informal Development 7 50 75 • • High-Density Residential (Flats) Informal Settlements (Slums) Lower in S&S Schemes • These largely constitute old City Council housing – ripe for high-rise high density redevelopment • o o CP/FP/XXX Special Scheduled Areas NCC Site-and-service Schemes as LowIncome Housing 50 50 50 50 50 50 100 75 75 75 75 CP/FP/XXX 8 150 80 50 150 75 Residential – • Mixed Development o Flats.05 • Comprehensive Subdivision allowed Minimum to fit a House on Type Plan design 80 50 150 75 5 .AREAS COVERED Mathare Valley Mathare North Lower Huruma Kariobangi Korogocho Dandora Old Eastlands • Shauri Moyo • Maringo • Bahati • Kaloleni • Makongeni • Mbotela • Jericho • Jerusalem Makadara Doonholm Neighbourhood (Block 82) Uhuru (1-3) Buru Buru (1-6) (Blocks 72-79) Umoja (1-2) Umoja Innercore Komarock • Commercial • Residential Kayole • Commercial • Residential GC PR Dept Ref.) 0. o Bungalows. o Maisonettes.

01 if not on sewer Ruaraka EPZ covered CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX 50 75 CP/FP/XX High Density Residential Development Mixed Residential Development • Flats.5 • Comprehensive subdivision allowed with lower sizes on type plan Development density @ 35 units per hectare CP/FP/XXX 50 75 50 (s) 25(u) 75 (s) 25(u) CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XXX 50 75 Residential Mixed Development 0.5 • • Area not fully sewered Comprehensive subdivision allowed with lower sizes on type plan (max 35 units/ha.) CP/FP/X XX 80 50 150 75 6 .) 0. Map CP/FP/XX X CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX TYPE (S) OF DEVELOPMENT ALLOWED Industries/Godowns 9 MIN.AREAS COVERED Main Industrial Area Dandora Industrial Zone GC 80 80 (s) 50(u) 50(u) 50(u) 80 (s) 50(u) 35 35 50 PR 300 150(s) 100(u) 100(u) 100(u) 150(s) 100(u) 75 75 75 Dept Ref. • Maisonettes • Bungalows • 0.05(on sewer) 9E 10 Imara Daima Tassia 10E Fedha Avenue Embakasi Village • Commercial • Residential ZONE REMARKS/POLICY ISSUES Becoming Over Developed Kariobangi Lt/Industrial Mathare North Lt/Industrial Kariobangi Lt/Industrial Nairobi West Madaraka South ‘B’ South ‘C’ Nairobi Dam Ngummo Highview Magiwa Golf Course Langata Estates • Southlands • Otiende • Ngei 1&2 • Onyonka • Masai • Uhuru Gardens • Jonathan Ngeno Villa Franca Light Industries/Godowns 0. AREA (Ha.

g.05 • 50 75 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XX Low Density Residential Developments (One Family Dwelling House) Low-Density Residential (One Family Dwelling House) 0.05 on township sewer • • Area Maintains Agricultural Character High-rise Flats develop becoming popular 7 .g.2 0. AREA (Ha. Schools Clinics. Village Market & American Diplomatic Housing Intensive Development in Marurui & Roysambu CP/FP/X XX 0. Recreation and Commercial Zones Comprehensive subdivision allowed with lower sizes on type plan Informal Mixed Developments Comprehensive Residential Schemes CP/FP/XXX 0.2 0.1 0.2 Low-Density Residential (One Family Dwelling House) Agricultural/Residential Mixed • Gap Flats • Maisonettes • Bungalows 0.) • 11 12 13 14 15 ZONE REMARKS/POLICY ISSUES NHC Plan Lacking In Social Infrastructures e. Map CP/FP/XX TYPE (S) OF DEVELOPMENT ALLOWED MIN.4 Local Re-Development Plan Under Review/Preparation Plan well implemented only pockets of intensity of developments e.AREAS COVERED Special Scheduled Area (Kibera Slums) National Housing Corporation (NHC) Estates • Ayany • Olympic • Fort Jesus • Karanja Road Karen/ Langata Karen Gigiri Kitisuru Ridgeways Garden Estate Safari Park/Balozi Housing Roysambu Thome Marurui Dagoretti • Riruta • Kangemi • Mutuini • Waithaka • Ruthimitu • Uthiru GC PR Dept Ref.

05 on sewer 0. Map CP/FP/XXX TYPE (S) OF DEVELOPMENT ALLOWED Industrial Zone Residential (Mixed Residential Development MIN.AREAS COVERED Baba Dogo • Industrial GC % PR % Dept Ref.1 ha. AREA (Ha. if not on sewer lower min.) 0.05 lower if comprehensive ZONE REMARKS/POLICY ISSUES High Density Residential 16 • Residential 17 18 Ngumba/Ruaraka/ Githurai 44 &45 Zimmerman Kahawa West • Commercial • Residential • Industrial Kasarani • Clayworks • Clay City • Sports View • Mwiki • Njiru • Ruai Special Scheduled Area Outside Nairobi Boundary 80(s) 50(u) 35(s) 25(s) 50(s) 50(s) 50 50 50 50 300(s) 100(u) 75s) 25(u) 200(s) 200(s) 100 100 75 100 • Industrial Zone Residential (Mixed Residential Development • • • • CP/FP/XX Replete with unplanned developments hence “Blanket approval” vide TP resolution of 18/7/97 50 50 25 100 200 25 • • Agricultural Residential Mixed Development 2.0 0. size if land buying company Area has potential for residential developments (invasion by land buying companies and land speculators) Industrial not attractive here • Area fully influenced by city dynamics NCC not in control of development Overwhelmingly dependant on services of the city CP/FP/XXX CP/FP/XXX 19 • • • Githurai Kimbo Wendani Kahawa Sukari Agricultural Residential (Mixed Development) • • 8 .

) 20 20g ZONE REMARKS/POLICY ISSUES CP/FP/XX CP/FP/XXX Special/strategic facilities and Developments Boundaries require to be clearly defined Public Open Spaces. Map TYPE (S) OF DEVELOPMENT ALLOWED MIN. Kasarani • City Stadium • Nyayo Stadium Uhuru Park Central Park Uhuru Gardens GC % PR % Dept Ref. Karen o Forces Memorial Hospital Recreational And Forests • City Park • Arboretum • Ngong Forest • Karura Forest National Game Park Stadiums • Moi Sports Complex. AREA (Ha.AREAS COVERED Public/Strategic Reserved Areas (Gazetted) • State House • JKIA Airport • Wilson Airport • Military Sites o Military Airbase Eastleigh o DoD Headqaters o Kahawa Barracks o Langata Barracks o Defence College. Reserves and Recreational Facilities 9 .

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