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Published by: CoLet Brub Fontanilla on Dec 07, 2011
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MOVEMENT: origin- path- flow- destination 1.history of Korean influence in the Philippines REGION:(could be perceptual) 1.

Korean communities 2. accessibility SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION: 1. K-Pop conventions, fan clubs, concerts 2. Diffusion (could be both relocation and contagious) LOCATION: 1. location of the Philippines relative to Korea 2. Available transportation (accessibility) PLACE: (could also be perceptual) 1. Mass media 2. Korean communities again Changelog (12/06/11)>>> We need a little history talk about the migration of Koreans here in the Philippines: -Ma'am said Sandara Park could have been one of the initiators. -Reasons for the Korea to Philippines Migration of Koreans -Perception of the Filipino people to Korean telenovelas. (Why did filipinos like such television shows compared to the ones imported from Mexico, etc.?) Suggested ideas for the theme "Place": -Target landscapes of great korean influence. May include Korean Communities, etc.

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