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To oe upoareo lor more. P|ease snare |l you nave any.
jon rne pnone u|rn $|oneyj
Tre vo|ce: we|core rore, 3|drey. You're a surv|vor, arer'l you, 3|drey? wral good |s |l lo oe a surv|vor Wrer everyore
c|ose lo you |s dead? You car'l save lrer. A|| you car do. |s Walcr.
junoer rne k|||er's kn|lej
0a|e wealrers-R||ey: 0o aread |l you rave lre gulsl
w|r|lred la|e: Trere's sorelr|rg rea||y scary aooul a guy W|lr a |r|le Wro jusl. sraps.
Tre vo|ce: l rear you |||e rorror rov|es.
Pally: ll's lor you.
3rer|ll 0eWey R||ey: 0re gereral|or's lragedy |s lre rexl ore's jo|e.
0a|e wealrers-R||ey: 0eWey, Wral's go|rg or?
3rer|ll 0eWey R||ey: Tral |s rol puo||c |rlorral|or.
0a|e wealrers-R||ey: ll's a|| over lre lrlerrell
3rer|ll 0eWey R||ey: [surpr|sed| ll |s?
jon rne pnonej
Tre vo|ce: T|re lor your |asl quesl|or: rare lre rera|e ol lre grourdorea||rg.
K|roy Reed: jqu|ok|y, rerr|l|eoj la||oWeer, Texas Cra|rsaW, 0aWr ol lre 0ead, Tre l|||s lave Eyes, Ar|lyv|||e lorror, 8|ac|
Crr|slras, louse ol wax, Pror N|grl, Vy 8|oody va|erl|rel ll's ore ol lrose, r|grl?
Tre vo|ce: Nore ol lre aoovel
Crar||e wa||er: Tre urexpecled |s lre reW c||cre.
Rooo|e: Ard v|rg|rs car d|e roW.
K|roy Reed: jaoour ruo orner ç|r|sj 0oes lral rear lral l'r rol gorra ||ve as |org as lrese lWo?
0||v|a Vorr|s: we||, |l's l|re lor soreore reW lo d|e.

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