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... .five Poinl &'mcone Whet no! to do at I1T I .

~'tJm five Point &omeone What not to.~-4 l" r: Prologue ..ptivatil.!I~.ro ~. _dnUop5 o rhUHlGllf Ikcc.i. You'te bound to fall iju't lave \rith the cha.d~arncteFS and a ca..l1rt~~k ~Ocmu1'tro'm~'I1gI.O"edttbiteu l-:O'rbisrnmpleoo her. _ (tlu: novel)1 is a g_mntlc.1CC1"~led in rtI:.m. tI)!. do at IIT A Novel b)~ or ' . -by firsl~titne'1ltlthol-. ru~~~An~d tr.V'heds.r: and <I.oo IChet3'!l Bhiig:tfs: dt!but book. I. • I'fidiii' 1bda ~I.bora one can idemnfy \'Ii+th . plot..g 'l:his bo(tk a nmst Iead fo:r '[he tun il. 1 o-~ poinD.r .:t~nt".t~r'"M I ~prea:! on~sell araeters .001..~p@.righ. .simp'l~ pl10ple with "".lttcrs a re.ti" ·Reader.gi!fistittl'mes.rni&u2j.. . ' .titmes g_ro"rtng up.'l'Hiil illltlSl::l'eaGily.. and wh~.css' SolYd.ls been S.h. ~.with g~a~ .OIu:oUe' life._. rakes you 011 a.:lhing an . sound ~J.!klu.r'h\\'Lm· Sl. burnorous takl!.tlcce~J 3~ Maki I~g the 0.l...F. i. a weH-001[structcd book.racters in the IIQ.'vm s:lJrike ch\lr4 with 11'lI10St.· Timesr:.t!g_call.dust.'i poebcl friendl)· rom'e is a III ld :and dear 3CCOlliUlt to 'of a )"Q1.' 9:Jl..iptu 'liT' J~"Otl'l)mk Tilll I his flr-st tlm'eli il.neeri~.J'll [/nu:s. Tise 1-!it~ a b!l'e~ !i-ehcl.1.lnu .s racy and rllunc:hy ~ S<l~.' I ••• oon\'£il'Sation style: thilt dr~'1M~the read .' TiIll'f':iqfim:lirM:a 'The :a.a oo~i~pemug re:<lQ.umllil:.1 ".!S 5ex{_"apitd-e:s:.t sirje of five~l:loint som. the char. former] l'Fian gives us a glimpse :intO 'the oocentn elitilift .rel. •• Job&~beaJ. OQfi'1ltdy on the.l1eD!JI!sit1' Ne'(}{_I~. • '"the un.1i:~i..csting lfrVo~y A. £oole..' :~oforget t11<'!t 61r _pt)hi( someone has ~.. Inai.u £op .'!!'mid of Indi. intef.trted €x:plorii [:If his charncters.II~g 'ivoll:tiS. in."Vith the pace of m "'\ItJbiogniphi~1 ~ocnul1t.• ~.l. .1i1_H~ .rfiudjiJ.e~I'is.. + i CHETAN HHA(iAT Hiu..'.ilIi mos:[ i'Il'!.]'_" mrut prefltigimts e1'lg. .~igh( (fum tI:teheart .her~!i t1ol.mit pace.lm~d. ~firJ' ~..l.

New Delhi 110 002 7/16.14 Sector' GO Noida 20130 I . Ansari Road.!I)' be reproduced. H. Lapidary Nikita Overseas P. electronic. without the prior permission of the publishers. [)al~y~gJ. Allahabad Ba.nj. . . _' I·· by J.t Ltd 1410 Chi rarrj iv lower.in India hy Gopsons Papers Ltd.cording or otherwise. No part of this publication m. 43 Nehru Place New Delhi 110 0. 'lypeset in 13 pts.C0pyr:ght © Chetan Bhagat 2004 F irst in Rupa Paperback 2004 Eighth impression 2004 Published f" by ~'IId. retrieval rsvstem. photocopying. stored 111 a. in any [orru or hy any means.ngalore Chandigath Chennai Hydcrabad jaipur Kathmandu Kolkatn MUlllhai Pune for lllY mother For lIT. A. or transrnittcd.19 Printed .. mechanical.' lny elms mater All rights reserved.

ne More Year Later 137 148 160 )peratiou Pendulum "he Longest Day of My Life I 165 . IiedgeJ11ents rologue CareBeginnings erminator arefoot on Metal ine Dra'i.. ckno.Contents . .po i11tSorneth ing IX Xl 1 12 24 32 48 60 71 ok Speaks ne Year Later he Mice Theory ooperate to Dominate 76 96 [07 116 134 he Gift eha Speaks odka .·ing ake Notes not War ive.

g r'"d'""1 S"\\' • ~~r..ti.Ql:1.a <ltery ~nd $'ta~U me Lighl tin 'th.'o. the p:~sl . SDme ~ of rh. . 0- of them.fll~ W~U to sa~ this is.and.'Pu~d like to thank .? Ii [)4Y of Letter. tlommefl. [ \'l.hook" d~f' kept her .!'i.all the l-\''''Y_I 'i\'ol.. malll:usmpt an dO° ·w~. IUy {b0o'k w(.i'l""~~ of A'ly Life' VI nJ..and .:so 'wonde:rfut .g(J&t Day of Life J'n llHt tonges'L D~y oeM\( Lf[" rv ~nt(' .ki It.ged and hara_ssed me .a wife . them also s.e end.yed\.e ~ncide.halldlcd me and my SIOmetinl~ (Hr. lvnrld.~en-ifilg.duct ~llldnot upsetting . A-ngel.s up a IOJ:l_g tlme agcp'.ing the p:r. ~Qme 0 r du.eilm b~4d:mc a _PHlduct tI.s!.M\' Life [J ol'.h~o L.a"\Mu1!Jg. " AM of.rf-iJ(tI'lL'bile. an-d wa~ th~ first reader of the d-aft Ap~rt from bel ~g.on~. Ri~u. h!..:t:at YQU are hD~dil1:g in )rpw..t('lng~st Mr " ~~he J ringc$t Da)' ~. ]~mes :rur ner.nl°tfud ftriend.re-n.3u.emen~ d'lt..til.JD. 'Who rni'ug~tmoe mTi! baSiiQs of .:r husband. Meeting .\~·r{rlO'"~s once a classmate . ga~ '['l.Jteof~C9'rntl"ol emotions so welt II\J1usilw8haga:t .: .Y RJ~Hl Spc~b "?fu-hLl:r11 \. Gaur. .UJ . hockC'dby..u' ~likt ] eA~icaRo~enbetg.a:m~irn.calm M she had to' [zuo.Day or .e: the tough job of imru.~.lld 'hill\·e~ven thi.tuid be' to·tally ~ntrt1e' At b '·lit.Jl. and in particular: Shlni~ Anb')Il)' ~ mentor~ gu.\~S n1)' dream. There are p~oplc: trJJth. H she hadrl't encorur~.al'ld Wl'rnjlbirn 'Ch.Malik! lhlcie }mg .vm We Ma.fl~dcly five Point SO'nle[r~ Ac1d1owlede.\.t$.~th me in.llts in the .~.tlpad~.rMy Li1(~V [he to.lat made ihi's dr..

j·lizc:Sl :the tr"C .'!i" G..' ] S1WOl"~.r J3jll G~.~ the' doctor later told us. a boo!..reor~giu~l1y 'Ivhite. Vp.a]J.ok lay there uJ)J["·eoognb:. 'on ·tneIl1. serrol. Rajee.luli IMdltll~ lP:ago AsselTl. omy when one \iVI'ites 3 b90k l·. lire fUJ:'I..llltn..1}'!!+ I fe)llly will. this book MlcfQ'Sro.mcn:rs.3. and if[ bad w bet my l"norie}~ rJ hi11'l:: s:lid he \l~$' dead.. f.rolly\vrite.of i:lttlarlt.: them a~]so much thatI couM lite. Tha.. med~cine.oil_o. .gh the process. that on. v.s&iDfI~!and rrk'ndly thlrm.."t.suppon for me. My plali.h re. needed their inadon.n't .aW . Hke" e"..ft . it is. l<u.lnl~ foom ~mmrar replf:u:e.u:I['e inch of them. box ~yrrlQUlDdltd bvo beds."ouId mili~e you think Alok U'jJS boneless.. There was. And! ]as:tJy. It was kjlld of crazfneas at tinses.C!)r.. ha\tre.ut'h l~ke an old rna 1"Iiwithout dentures. and Of. [nstr'lLI. I \L\..nnei!..rofi:.. Manhas.lls roiled up and his tongue collapsed outside his mQ.gel1es WP. :h~l'.lole. . tJniOim~ me."'it1:I1OUt thjls softwaee.less.~ lvlauu~ Slha::nky. Like a hosphal was suddenly il&. Hey 1 creepy.i1't.. the.sdU.ace for me'~lld Ryan {o stand even as i\Iok got to sp:ra"v'lout. t.'ll} write a book ab~llt our Cr. i( My ii·i.f.ii t."i:Lkable behef ill me :t:h~t bordered 011 r bEld never been 'inside an ~a'mbu~ancebe{o~. johri.kedto.ill)' tI. ~·oveme . !k.nd·sin Hong [(ong. ~ gue:ssw]'th thirteen fF3'CtW'~s you k!nd of dese:rv!i" a bed. This is a work ... [t is the kind oj' absurd promise you I'l'l:ake to J'oLlfsdf when you are. -nl.t~m fifty haurs .-our fl"on't teeth gpl1e. R.rd to tell now' . jrusdike bis fadu~r's right 8ide1 th right kne~ bent in a \vay tI:liM . iG? My irr frtends Ashish iGI). loye.. drips.hardJ'Ii"l'fly sp.e meeks to "1 f Al!ok makes i. AI..Puneet.'C'rj' a.polwer of M5\M...md oi:ake li'fditor and 'the' entire tea m at RUpl for being. tillS. ~hl:ll.l1:ip 1!:vith them goes heyond the' 'Qmmon. ." The she'c:ts we.1!'> Mot's b1o~d cnvered every sq.l1k YOy M. ~f ~s sin'lpl\."lth an Irrational. ·t . would not b0' "witten.~IJ}.. 1Uflb.tes.head !II'U! you h.tion needs rea] il'l~piratloil. ibat.r Ids eyeba.'i:..t thro~~l. pack up arid move.ly!:l19m Rekha "m~g<lUu"lfjbl~·mhe'r KetaJ:l'jJ 'l'\vo peopl1e !i..'and i Co ~p.s. He was .e' Ill)' \york looUeagu£S:! my yogg! teachers 'Ultl ethers that .. catheters. Chapar and ~HOtile-r.s.m~ght~. aile! l. which was ba.iLsly messed up in.so p'.e. His limbs were motion. Pappu. "v..

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