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Learn Google


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Published by Himanshu
Know About Google Inc.
Know About Google Inc.

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Published by: Himanshu on Oct 24, 2008
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An interesting but not necessarily very useful quirk of Google’s

search engine is the differing results that you get when searching

on double words. What is a double word search? Simply, a double

word search is entering the same word twice in the query box. As

an example, if we search on the single keyword “cat,” the first

search result is “Caterpillar-Heavy Equipment & Engine Manufac-

turer.” If we search on the keywords “cat cat,” (without the quotes)

the first search result is “HotAIR – Feline Reactions to Bearded

Men.” Interestingly, regardless of the method of search (one “cat”

or two) the search results appear in the same category, namely

“Recreation > Pets > Cats > You and Your Cat.” Scanning through

the remainder of the results for both single and double word

searches reveals that all of the results pertain to felines. But the

order of each web page differs between the two searches.

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