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Learn Google

Learn Google


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Know About Google Inc.
Know About Google Inc.

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Published by: Himanshu on Oct 24, 2008
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Google Viewer is a Google experiment to show you the search

results in a scrolling slide show. Google Viewer is located at

http://labs.google.com/gviewer.html. (Bookmark it now!) Google

Viewer displays the web pages found in a search as an image in the

slide show. Each image, or “slide,” is accompanied by a short text

description. Figure 2.47 shows the Google Viewer page. Note that

this Google Labs feature is not integrated into the general suite of

Google Services.

To check out Google Viewer, I searched on “flower.” The search

results seem to be the same as the results I get using Google’s

basic search tool (http://www.google.com/). The slide show uses

standard audio/video icons for the start, stop, rewind, and fast-

forward controls. See Figure 2.48. The control icons are placed just

above the web page text in a sleek toolbar. You can speed up the

slide show by left-clicking on the rabbit icon on the right side of the

toolbar or slow it down by left-clicking on the turtle.

Chapter 2 / Google Services



Figure 2.47: Google Viewer

There are a couple of requirements for Google Viewer:

n JavaScript enabled

n PC and Mac: Internet Explorer 5 and above or Netscape 6 and


n Unix: Mozilla

Go ahead — experiment and have some fun!

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