Lake, Geauga candidates and issues filed for March 6 primary

The following is the list of the local candidates and issues in Lake and Geauga counties that filed petitions by Wednesday’s 4 p.m. deadline with county elections boards for March 6 primary ballots. Issues and candidates petitions will need to be certified later by the respective county elections boards to appear on the ballot. CANDIDATES FEDERAL U.S. Rep. 14th Congressional District (files in Lake) Dale Virgil Blanchard (D) David Macko (Libertarian) Elaine R. Mastromatteo (Green) Steven C. LaTourette (R) STATE Ohio Senate 18th Senate District (files in Portage) John Eklund (R) Jim Mueller (D) 32nd Senate District (files in Trumbull) Capri S. Cafaro (D) Nancy McArthur (R) Ohio House of Representatives 60th House District (files in Lake) Laura A. DePledge (D) James Helmink (D) Daniel P Troy (D) . Lori DiNallo (R) 61st House District (files in Lake) Susan McGuinness (D) Ron Young (R) 76th House District (files in Geauga) Matt Lynch (R) Mary E. O’Toole (R) Kristina Port (R) Mark E. Porter (R) Tom Warren (D) 99th House District (files in Ashtabula) Casey Kozlowski (R) John Patterson (D) 11th District Court of Appeals (term commencing 2/9/2013) (files in Lake) Mary Jane Trapp (D) Colleen Mary O’Toole (R) 11th District Court of Appeals (term commencing 2/10/2013) (files in Lake) Diane V. Grendell (R) LAKE COUNTY Commissioner (term commencing 1/2/2013) Ted Andrzejewski (D) Judy Moran (D) David M. Fiebig (R) Richard Shreve (D) Commissioner (term commencing 1/3/2013) Robert E. Aufuldish (D) Linda Burhenne (R) John Hamercheck (R) Daniel W. Tharp (D) Prosecutor Werner G. Barthol (D) Charles E. Coulson (R) Clerk of Courts Maureen G. Kelly (D) Emilee Teresczuk (R) Sheriff Daniel A. Dunlap (R) Recorder Ann M. Radcliffe (D) Jason Wuliger (R) Treasurer term commencing 9/2/2013) Lorraine M. Fende (D) Belinda Grassi (R) Christine J. Page (D) Bob Patterson (R) John Rogers (D) Engineer James R. Gills (R) Coroner Lynn A. Smith (R) Common Pleas Court (term commencing 1/1/2013) Richard L. Collins Jr. (R) Common Pleas Court (term commencing 1/3/2013) Vincent A. Culotta (R) Common Pleas Court (term commencing 1/6/2013) Eugene A. Lucci (R) ISSUES Eastlake: 5-year, 1-mill additional levy for current expenses Eastlake: 5-year, 1.5-mill additional levy for police Eastlake: 5-year, 1.5-mill additional levy for fire safety Mentor: 5-year, 2 percent income tax renewal levy Mentor Library: 5-year, 2-mill additional levy for current expenses Lakeline: 5-year, 2-mill additional levy for current expenses Lake County: 5-year, 0.5-mill replacement levy for senior services Leroy Township: Continuing 0.9-mill additional levy for roads Willoughby-Eastlake Schools: 10-year, $8,750,000 (estimated 4.99 mills) additional levy Liquor sales question: For Mentor Ward 1 Precinct C, Eastlake Ward 1 Precinct A, Madison Township Precinct A GEAUGA COUNTY Common Pleas Court (term commencing 1/1/2013) Forrest Burt (R) Scott Matasar (D) Probate/Juvenile Court (unexpired term commencing (2/9/2015) Timothy J. Grendell (R) Commissioner (term commencing 1/2/2013) Walter M. Claypool (R) Tracy Jemison (R) Fred Welty (D) Commissioner (term commencing 1/3/2013) Christopher John Lacny (D) Mary Samide (R) Ralph Spidalieri (R) Prosecutor David Joyce (R) Clerk of Courts Bonnie Cavanaugh (D) Denise M. Kaminski (R) Sheriff Daniel C. McClelland (D) Recorder Sharon Gingerich (R) Joanne Ryan (D) Treasurer (term commencing 9/2/2013) Chris Hitchcock (R) Engineer Joseph A. Cattell (R) Coroner Robert A. Evans (D) John M. Urbancic (R) ISSUES Chardon Township: 3-year, 2.5-mill renewal levy for fire West Geauga School District: 5-year, 5.66-mill renewal levy with emergency requirements Liquor sales question: Chardon Precinct A, Bainbridge Township Precinct F, Middlefield Village Precinct A, Newbury Township Precinct C