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On the Multifunctional Role of the Biota in the Self-Purification of Aquatic Ecosystems

by: S. A. Ostroumov Russian Journal of Ecology, Vol. 36, No. 6. (2005), pp. 414-420. doi:10.1007/s11184-005-0095-x; Key: citeulike:10105358;

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Principles of the theory of the ecological mechanism of water self-purification based on multiple functions of the biota in freshwater and marine ecosystems are formulated. In developing this theory, the results of the author's experiments with filtering hydrobionts have been used. These results indicate that the water self-purification mechanism is vulnerable to the impact of some pollutants and, in particular, surfactants. Conclusions drawn on the basis of the theory have practical significance for biodiversity conservation and for the sustainable use of the biological resources of aquatic ecosystems.

Key words
water_quality, water, sustainability, safety, hydrobiology, environmental, ecosystem, ecology, aquatic, role, biodiversity, organisms, water self-purification, new, conceptualization, multifunctional, ** About the author / :; , :; ;;;

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