Call for 8esearch Þro[ecL ldeasť ueadllne CcLober 13

1hanks Lo generous fundlng from Lhe Mellon loundaLlonţ Lhe new ulglLal Scholarshlp Commons (ulSC) ln
Lmoryƌs 8oberL WŦ Woodruff Llbrary ls offerlng a small budgeL plus Lechnlcal supporL for up Lo Lwo
dlglLal scholarshlp pro[ecLs Lo be compleLed by summer 2012Ŧ
ulglLal scholarshlp can Lake many formsŦ lor exampleţ lL can be a geospaLlal pro[ecLţ a new way of
exposlng an archlval collecLlonţ a mulLlmedla workţ or a compuLaLlonal exploraLlon of a seL of LexLsŦ ?ou
can flnd an lnLroducLlon Lo dlglLal humanlLles hereţ or you can conLacL us so we can answer your
quesLlons ln personŦ Weƌre especlally lnLeresLed ln research pro[ecLs LhaL make use of MA88Lƌs
collecLlons and Lhose LhaL lnvolve collaboraLlve Leamsţ lncludlng faculLyţ graduaLe sLudenLsţ and
laculLyţ graduaLe sLudenLsţ and sLaff are welcome Lo propose pro[ecLsŦ Þlease sLarL by geLLlng ln Louch
wlLh us abouL an ldea by CcLober 13Ŧ Lven nebulous ldeas are welcome! Cnce you doţ ulSC wlll asslgn
you a pro[ecL managerţ and LogeLher you'll wrlLe a proposal LhaL lncludes a developmenL Llmellneţ a
conslderaLlon of copyrlghL concernsţ a budgeLţ and a plan for susLalnablllLyŦ Cn november 13ţ you'll
submlL Lhe proposal Lo Lhe ulSC selecLlon commlLLeeţ whlch ls composed of faculLy and llbrarlansŦ 1he
commlLLee consldersť
- Lhe scholarly value of Lhe pro[ecL
- a wellŴdeflned and reallsLlc pro[ecL Llmellne
- Lhe poLenLlal of Lhe pro[ecL Lo make a conLrlbuLlon Lo dlglLal scholarshlp
- Lhe pro[ecL's poLenLlal Lo use or expose Lhe Llbrary's collecLlons
- Lhe pro[ecL's poLenLlal for LoolŴbulldlng and reuse
ulSC pro[ecLs musL be prlmarlly researchŴorlenLedţ and Lhey requlre a slgnlflcanL commlLmenL from Lhe
pro[ecL lnlLlaLorŦ lor pro[ecLs LhaL are prlmarlly pedagoglcalţ please conLacL our frlends ln Lmory's
CenLer for lnLeracLlve 1eachlngŦ

Þlease conLacL us!
(404) 727Ŵ1673

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