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Introducing Sathya

Introducing Sathya

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Published by: sathyasivaraman on Dec 08, 2011
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8orn In 8angalore, bought up In ChennaI.

8een lIvIng and workIng In 8angalore for the past 12
years. Can converse fluently In EnglIsh, TamIl E Kannada. Can scrIpt EnglIsh and TamIl.

O $tarted may career wIth ZIpahead.com, a websIte that was centered to capture
youthful Interests. Ì handled the CrIcket part of the sIte.

O s an event manager wIth 8K Events, now known as $parksplugged. Ì've handled a few
events for them. PrImarIly the promotIon part .I.e. PosItIonIng of Collaterals to
executIon of the actIvIty at the ground level wIth a team.

O lso In the Ìnsurance Ìndustry wIth ÌCÌCÌ PrudentIal, PrIorIty Centre as a Freelance
Ìnsurance dvIsor, caterIng the HNÌ clIents. Have also played the role of a FInancIal
Planner, to provIde Ìnvestment $olutIons. Have advIsed clIents on Ìnsurance and |utual
funds for Ìnvestment optIons .Have my certIfIcatIons wIth ÌF0 E |FÌ.

O Presently WIth 10on10 EducatIon Pvt. Ltd., a company wIth a team of ÌÌT'ans and
NatIonally renowned cartoonIsts commItted to create world class products. 10on10 Is a
creatIve ,worksheet based math programme for chIldren aImed to develop LogIcal,
7Isual and $patIal ThInkIng skIlls between the age group of 4·12.

4 |y Fole Is that of an ffIlIate manager. ChIef role play Is to ÌdentIfy, $uspect,
prospect, QualIfy, TraIn and Croom IndIvIduals and exIstIng 8usIness entItIes to
promote and sell 10on10.
4 lso do promotIonal actIvItIes for Ten on Ten EducatIon Pvt. Ltd. at resIdentIal
and corporate unIts. lso handle actIvItIes at FaIr's and ExhIbItIons.
4 TraIn newly Inducted ssocIates on Product PresentatIon and Fole Play

$. $athyanarayanan
98458 82J5J ¦ sathyasIvaraman@gmaIl.com
ÞresenL CccupaLlonť AfflllaLe Manager Ŷ 10on10
Core Interests "PassIons"
8DDK$ have been an Integral part of my day to day lIvIng. $pend a lot tIme on my specIal area
on Interest. |y Ìnterest tops $pIrItualIty sans relIgIon. 8Ig Fan of Dsho, J KrIshnamurthI, Zen
8uddhIsm and the dvaIta PhIlosophy maInly the Ìdeas of Famana |aharshI, NIsargadatta
|aharaj, Famesh 8alasekar and dI $ankara. dmIred yn Fand for her works lIke
FountaInHead and tlas $hrugged and for her PhIlosophy on DbjectIvIsm .lso 8ooks on
EducatIon by Fon L Hubbard.
CFÌCKET has been my sport on and off the fIeld, not only do Ì enjoy playIng the sport It has
also laId emphasIs on "How to play lIke team" and ImbIbed some of good thIngs that Ì Know
about myself. Dff the fIeld a great admIrer of $unny Cavaskar, FavI $hashtrI and Tony CreIg
for the way they have communIcated the game over the years.
FT · Dff late have started to admIre photographs.
PEDPLE N0 LÌTTLE PEDPLE · |y career rIght from the begInnIng has been about handlIng
people professIonally from 7endors to ClIents. |y on·fIeld learnIng's have also laId emphasIs
on CreatIng FelatIonshIps for successful endeavors In the longer run.
People and understandIng them In varIous perspectIves of tIme, sItuatIons and varIous
parameters Is one challenge I aIways wIsh to venture.
8eIng and workIng wIth ChIldren has had a great Impact on me over the years to shape my
approach and attItudes.

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