How 1inn Control Us

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by Rajab Von
In my journey to Iind out who I am, I came upon many things I believe to be true concerning the
inIluence oI the world oI the Jinn, upon this world.
What I have Iound to be the best body oI knowledge concerning the actual mechanics oI how a
body is operated and controlled here in this physical realm came to me through my exploration
oI Taoism and it`s oIIshoot Acupressure. I also Iound contributing truths in a Iew apparently
separate, but in actuality NOT so diIIerent bodies oI knowledge. They consisted oI,
Depossessionism, Wilhelm Reich`s work on Orgone, Zen, and Scientology.
Taoism, as I have understood it, deals with observing and categorizing the creation and
continued maniIestation oI what is called in the Western world 'the physical universe¨. It also
describes where the universe as we know it came Irom. It talks about how Irom the seven came
the multitude oI all things. From the nothingness (Irom where there is no reIerence Ior us to be
able perceive) came the one, Irom the one came the two, Irom the two came the three, Irom the
three came the Iive Irom the Iive came the seven. (It brings to mind Ior me, the seven heavens
spoken about in Islam.)
It is generally agreed that Taoism has been around Ior about 3000 years. A man named Loa Tzu
is credited with the writings describing much oI the body oI knowledge concerning the Tao. One
oI the metaphisical sciences that is based on this understanding oI the interaction between man
and the Physical Universe is Acupressure, A layman`s version oI Acupuncture, and without
needles. Betsy Ruth Dayton, Masters oI Education and author oI the widely used book 'High
Touch Acupressure¨ humbly reIers to acupressure as a set oI 'Iolk remedies¨ based mostly on
the same principles as Acupuncture. Hijama is also based on similar energy meridians, and was
was reported to have been used and reccomended by the prophet Mohhammed (Sullulahu Alyhi

BeIore studying acupressure I explored a Iew other systems oI metaphysical remedies, one called Spirit
Releasement (and also reIerred to as Depossessionism) plus what I consider the more technical cousin oI
it, contained within a broader body oI knowledge which resides under the umbrella** oI religion and is
called Scientology. (**since as Iar as I can tell, the umbrella oI that 'governmentally designated¨
category oI religion is the only way Scientology can utilize an electronic lie detecting device on paying
subjects. They are technically designated as 'parishioners¨, so that they can be 'spiritually counseled¨ by
that church. Scientology`s 'spiritual counselors¨ do not need a standard psychology or psychiatry degree,
or the government qualiIications and controls that go with them when counseling parishioners with the E-
The Scientology experience was very important to me. Through the use oI the electronic instrument called
an E-meter, I realized that a jinni could inIluenced a body`s electro-magnetic Iield and vice versa. I
learned to 'zero in¨ on these beings with it, and worked to alter their hold on people, through voice
diologue 'beIore¨ I knew that some oI the responses were actually the reactions oI Jinn. During that time,
I was reIerring to them and treating them as what the Scientology Dictionary calls 'Thetans¨. That
dictionary also called liIe Iorce Theta, and in the Scientology dictionary is also a deIinition oI the word
Taoism. It describes the word Taoism as an ancestor oI the word Scientology. AIter years oI using oI the
E-meter, I came to a level oI using my own 6th sense instead oI the E-meter (what I now believe to be
seeing with my heart) to navigate along this esoteric spiritual path.
Why is all this electromagnetic connection stuII so important to understand? Because much oI the new
electronic technology (that the ever pervasive and inIluential media says you must have) creates an
environment whereby the world and the people oI the Jinn (where Shaitan and his tribe, audu bila mina
sahitan a`rajeem reside) can interIace with your body and mind on a very personal level. (Look at the
acupressure meridian chart oI the Gallbladder Ilow 'again¨ and notice how the meridian lines go through
the brain) II one Iollows the advent and rise in the development, manuIacture and the use oI electronic
devices, you may notice that the departure Irom the belieI in the hereaIter, morality, ethics, participation
by citizens in in government, soberness etc. has declined pretty much at the same rate that the
implementation and use oI electronics and electricity has gone up.
On another note: I read an english translation oI a hadith that said that Jinn were made Irom 'smokeless¨
Iire. II I think about it, I have seen smokeless Iire in light bulbs. I can say also that I have seen it in a bolt
oI lightning, and didn`t the old testament in the Bible describe Satan as Ialling Irom the heavens like a
bolt oI lightning? Guess what? the old Cathode Ray Tubes oI televison sets and computers were nothing
more than a higher tech light bulb. Electricity was being shot right at you*** Ior all the hours oI the day
you sat there in Iront oI the what could be, the native home oI the jinn, the 'smokeless Iire bulb¨.
(***through something at the back end oI the picture display tube, called a poton ray gun) Not only that,
now the 'jinn¨ could come closer and surround you with their own dead orgone, static electricity, positive
ion, environment, while 'you¨ were enveloped in all oI those heavy emotions resulting Irom the pictures
and stories painted on the Iront oI that statically charged bulb, and augmented by an
'electromagnetically¨ driven speaker and special electronics that make your brain waves match the
viewed programming. I wonder how many contracts between jinn and the children oI Adam were made
during the hundreds oI thousands hours oI watching television, and internet surIing, Ior 'who knows
what¨ each person on this planet has accrued??
I Iind it interesting that the place known as 'sin city¨ was Iounded, and prospered in a desert environment
oI 'static electricity¨. Even the present version oI the Bible mentions that when a demon is cast out oI it`s
home in a human host, that it goes out to a 'dry place¨ to wander Ior a while, and then comes back to
attack that host with seven other demons in tow. Wilhelm Riech was imprisoned and died in jail Ior
selling his orgone generators. Those generators brought organized liIe Iorce into an un-organized liIe
Iorce area. He even created rain with those things. He stated that dry desert areas were a zone oI deleted
liIe Iorce. ***** That Positive Orgone (organized liIe Iorce) could help heal people. There is a whole
movement Ior getting newer and smaller versions oI his orgone generators into dead orgone areas these
days. They are called ~tower busters¨ among other names. Perhaps a dead orgone zone can be Iound in
the same 'dry place¨ as described in the Bible. Scientology says that the mind is not the brain, that it
consists oI electric standing waves. How close are those to static electricity I wonder? Do they both create
or emit an magnetic Ieild? Put a magnet close to a CRT computer monitor or a television tube and see
what it does. Coil up a plugged in electrical cord and put it near a guitar or P.A. ampliIier or a radio or a
cell phone and see what 'it¨ does. (****The NWO seems to like to 'dis-organize¨ liIe Iorce and then 're-
organize¨ it into a couterIiet copy oI Allah`s creation, but with opposite values and goals.) They have
been doing that for Centuries.
I believe that the liIe Iorce meridians shown in acupuncture/hijama charts are electro magnetic in nature,
but on a higher level.
While performing acupressure techniques on people, I used to notice meridans and meridian points that
were congested and were not easily cleared. They were also a source of sickness, pain and innapropriate
emotions. Sometimes the patient would remember something in their past and resolve an issue and thus
the meridian would clear. (a sympathetic reaction to Scientologies electric standing waves? Sometimes I
had to ask the patient if there was something else attached to the meridian. The remedy often came down
to finding a 'being` who was 'helping` the patient. I would tell the person to look for a past 'decision`
whereby they had 'asked` for help from the being. I then would ask if that 'helpful` decision applied to
the here and now. Afterwards, I would point out the illegality of the contract and I would then ask the
patient to tell the 'being` to leave. There are lots of variations to this dialog. It would all come down to a
contract. Usually the patient was tricked into asking for, or inviting the presence and 'help` (see note
below) of these beings. My new technique is much simpler. I fust get purified, Pray and if I run into
something blocking the energetic flow, I recite the Quran. How does that work? you might ask?
Technically, I think it is a matter of truth and the light of the true, unaltered word of Allah, recited in faith
that ends up casting a very bright light upon all of the tricks of the trade used by and all of his tribe.
(note. of course we know what happens when one asks the World Health Organi:ation or the World
Monetary Fund for 'help`. One sees ensuing mass murder or financial enslavement, from what is
'presented` as a win/win, helping hand contract. Same authors, Smaller scale.)
Their control is based solely on a web oI deciept. The tangled web seems to unravel and Iall oII when
exposed to the Light oI the Quran. The darkness disquised as light dissapates, the meridan gets cleared,
the malady disapears.