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Adult and Married Couples ONLY

Adult and Married Couples ONLY

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Fun Sex Positions to Reach Orgasm

Home Disability Sexuality By Disabled World - 2008-10-07


A list of various sex positions that may be of benefit to people with disabilities. Even the missionary position has plenty of advantages for both men and women. A list of various sexual positions that may be of benefit to everyone, not just people with disabilities seeking good sex positions for disabled sex. For persons with a disability, including spinal cord injured women and men, experimenting in bed with an understanding partner will result in finding the best sex position for your particular disability. And yes it is possible for a paraplegic and quadriplegic to still enjoy sex. New Variations of Sex Positions in Bed Routine, boredom and a million other things that get in the way tend to make sex repetitive and unexciting after a while. It's not that the two lovers plan things this way, but rather the fact that life tends to dampen enthusiasm in the long run. Using the same positions every time and building up an unshakable routine doesn't help either. I'm not sure why some people think that doing the same thing again and again is a good idea, but they are wrong. Everybody needs a little variation in his or her life, including in the bedroom department. There are lots of factors that gets in the way of most couples to make sex less exciting as time goes by. Using the same positions every time and building up an unshakable routine sometimes becomes tiring. The fact that life tends to dampen enthusiasm in the long run, it is a good idea that couples should try some new variations, especially in getting terms with intimacy. And variation can easily and delightfully be achieved by learning new sex positions. Far from being nothing but frills, positions are actually a great way of making the other feel your love. Changing positions during sex allows the two lovers to play with each other and to find new ways of getting and giving pleasure. If you feel that sex is getting stale, but love is still strong, then you simply have to learn some new positions and bring a little variety in the bedroom. It's true that getting it right the first time is pretty hard, but trying and failing is not that bad if both partners get to see the fun side. Learning new positions can really strengthen the bond between two people. Just think of all the pleasure lying ahead of you and focus on the fact that you are about to enjoy a great night and never worry that things might turn out wrong. You're just beginning to learn

new sex positions so there's no reason to feel bad over a fumble, especially if the end result is mind blowing. Also, a really good idea is to try a decent number of positions in order to understand how they work. New and fun sex positions allow lovers to play with each other and to find new ways of getting and giving pleasure. If you feel that sex is getting uninteresting but love is still strong, then you simply have to learn some new sex positions and bring a little variety in the bedroom.

Woman On Top Sex Position The woman on top position is definitely the choice of women. she gets direct stimulation of the clitoris and can achieve clitoral orgasm easily. Women have greater control in this position. Men find that the stimulation is less intense so he can delay ejaculation. His hands are free to stimulate her clitoris or breasts. The woman on top position is probably the best for clitoris stimulation and direct contact. If greater stimulation is needed there is a cream called Vigorelle, that the woman can gently apply to her vaginal area or clitoris for greater sensitivity, thus a more intense orgasm. Women claim that this produces a tingling and warming sensation which has help them achieve orgasm when it was difficult before. Sex positions - Rawhide How it's done: She should lie down on the bed on her stomach, with her legs straight and slightly apart. You (the man) then sit right behind her with your legs in front of you and your hands on either side of your body supporting you. You then lean back joining your genitals with hers. Bring her legs together for a tight fit as you rock back and forwards. Her elbows should be with her arms in front of her for leverage. What will it do for her? If she likes to be dominated then this is the position for her. You can move your penis about freely allowing her to feel all the pleasure. What will it do for you (the man)? You can take full charge with this position and get a front row view of her rear. You can take it at your own pace and move as fast and hard or as slow and gentle as suits. Sex positions - The pleasure spot How it's done: She should lie on the bed with a pillow under her head bringing her knees up to her breasts with her legs crossed at the ankles. You (the man) kneel in front of her, lean in and pull her hips onto your lap. Keep her thighs glued together and gently press her feet against your chest for support as you enter her.

What will it do for her? This is a great position to allow her to clench her pelvic muscles ensuring deep tighter penetration. What will it do for you (the man)? While she grabs your bottom, she can pull you into her for deeper penetration taking your whole package inside her. This position is intense and will have both your fluids flowing. Sex positions - Scissor cut How it's done: She should lie face-up on a table, desk or other raised, hard surface with her hips perched on the edge. Raise her legs to a 90-degree angle. You (the man) will be standing in front of her holding her ankles. Spread her legs wide open while you enter her. Next, you alternately cross and spread her legs like scissors, opening and closing as you thrusts. The Female Superior Position In The Female Superior Position she lies on top of the man with her legs on the outside of his legs. Her body is parallel with his and she is able to move around and manipulate his penis getting into areas he would never be able to do if he were on top. While she is on top, she can kneel, squat, or sit on top of his erect penis. When she sits on his erect penis in this position, his penis penetrates very deeply and can almost always make the woman achieve an orgasm. In this variation she can sit on you using her hands to push herself up and down as she faces your feet. She also has the option to ease back close to your chest with her legs together. You can experiment with these different variations to find each other's g-spot. Sex positions - Lap dancer How it's done: You need to be leaning back onto a high-backed chair with a cushion/pillow behind him. Firstly she should sit above your lap with her hands clasping the chair to support her. Then one leg at a time rests her feet on your shoulders. Then she should use her bottom to move back and forth on you penis. What will it do for her? This is an intimate position where you can both watch each other's bodies, keeping eye contact all the way through. What will it do for you (the man)? Although she controls the movements so the thing she can do to stop you from coming is to jump off. You might not be able to control yourself as you watch her in full action. The Octopus How it's done: You (the man) sit on the floor with your hands behind you resting on the floor, your knees slightly bent with your legs splayed open.

Keeping her hands on the floor for support, she faces you, then straddles your lap, raising her legs so her legs rest on your shoulders. Now she rocks back and fourth gently making sure to keep your bodies close together so your penis doesn't slip out. Man On Top Sex Position Known as the missionary position, this position is the most commonly used position in the world and has plenty of advantages for both men and women. In this position, a man can dominate the woman and at the same time, the woman may like to be taken by the man. There are many variations to it. The missionary position is performed by the man lying on top of the woman with her legs to her side and knees slightly bent fully exposing herself to him. She can be lying on the bed, floor, or a large pillow behind her. Try Feet on his shoulders. When she is lying down she brings her legs all the way to her chest and puts her feet behind his head resting them on his shoulders getting maximum penetration from him and great clitoral stimulation. The man kneeling. Calls for him to be sitting or kneeling with his penis inside her. The woman can have her knees pulled up to her chest with her feet flat on his chest while she rolls her hips around stimulating her g-spot. The peace sign technique is similar to the missionary position except her legs are close together, and his legs are spread out. This allows for excellent clitoral stimulation and feels tighter to the man. When viewed from above resembles a peace sign. Standing Sex Position This unusual aggressive position can add real excitement to your sex life. In the "standing up" position, this is done by the man and woman facing each other arms wrapped around each other, usually her arms around his neck for support and her legs wrapped around his waist. While in this position she can then move about slowly or he can lead the movement. Against the wall, this variation calls for a strong man. He lifts her up and forces her against a wall, again with her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Another variation to this is his back against the wall while her feet are planted firmly on the wall and she's able to move in/out by pushing her weight by extending her legs. His hands can be interlaced while she sits on them for support. To better your sexual experience, try doing this in water. This will help lighten the load and help extend the pleasure for the both of you. Facing same direction - this standing variation is done when the woman sits on his interlaced fingers facing away from him. Or he may wish to hold her up by her thighs. He can then swing her back and forth at his control. This requires good balance for both parties.

Table technique - the woman lies on her back on a tabletop or countertop with her vagina at the edge, and her legs up high on his shoulders. This way she has good control and can adjust the position of his penis at will. The Cradle - An excellent position for something new. This is done by the man holding the woman as if "cradling" her; one arm under her backside, the other arm holding her legs beneath the knees. Because of this holding position, it requires strength on the mans part or a petite woman. He enters her from beneath between the thighs and has total control! Side By Side Sex Position Side By Side Sex Position is rather easy-going and not too tiring for lovers. This is because neither has to support the others weight. This position is useful during the last few months of pregnancy and for people who are greatly mismatched in height and/or weight. Women really like it because afterwards you can fall asleep together. In this position, the man and woman face each other (cheek to cheek), her legs bent up so her feet are close to his backside. This is similar to the missionary position, but the couple's are on their sides. Scissors sex position - this is an excellent morning sex position. She lies on her back and you lie beside her on your side. She raises her leg and you pass your leg (the same she raises is the same leg you pass across her) between her making a scissors affect with your legs and entering her vagina from the side. Both of you can move around freely and not get tired. Riding High Best Sex Position The riding high position involves the man riding high on his partners pelvis during intercourse and applying direct and continuous pressure on her clitoris. It is originally called the coital alignment technique. It is extremely effective for women who have trouble reaching orgasms. Start this position using the basic missionary position - after penis is inserted demand raises his pelvis up over hers so the base of his penis is in direct contact with her clitoris. He then lowers his chest onto her torso, taken the weight off his hands, as she wraps her legs around his thighs and places her ankles on his calves. He then moves slowly up-and-down (not in and out) building up to climax. Rear Entry Sex Position The Rear Entry position also called "doggie style" is a favorite among sex enthusiasts. This position dates back thousands of years. It does have one advantage and one disadvantage - the advantage is because of the angle and the depth of penetration, it is an excellent way to reach the G SPOT. The disadvantage is that it's sometimes difficult for the little guy to keep his penis inside her and there is no direct clitoral stimulation. Rear Entry Sex Position involves the man kneeling behind her as she is on all fours using kneepads or pillows placed under the knees. The most common body position is the man and woman have similar body positions, in other words, bodies as close together as possible.

Piercing Tiger - this exciting variation can be performed with her on her knees and forearms so that her buttocks are raised. He then kneels behind her grasping her waist and hips controlling all the action. Laid Out Rear Entry - while performing the rear entry, she can be entered the while you're both standing up or laying down flat. You can even perform this position kneeling, sitting or even lying side-by-side. Sitting Sex Position Sitting Sex Position is excellent for the experimental in mind. These positions are excellent for the male because it's not too strenuous and can help delay ejaculation. The best way to perform this sexual position is on a chair. Sit on a chair with your partner straddling your legs, then she places her arms around your neck and you both begin to slowly move up and down. Face away - have her sit facing away from you. She then sets the pace by raising and lowering her feet as she wishes. Squatting Chair - if you use a large chair, she can squat in front of you placing her feet on the side of the chair or the arms of the chair and control every movement. Laid-back - are you adventurous? If so, try this one on... as she is facing you in the chair let her fall all the way back putting her head on a pillow on the floor. Doing laps - try having her sit across your lap with her legs dangling just above the floor as you are playing with her clitoris. Criss Cross Sex Position This favorite is a remarkable position because it allows you to sustain intercourse for what seems to be forever and usually control climax. Use this position when you have a lot of time on your hands. When done properly, couple's have experienced multiple orgasms and have even extended orgasm far beyond the norm! To implement this sex position... sit facing each other with penis inserted. Both of you should have your legs partially extended. Now, clasp your hands and move them out to the sides of your bodies, being careful not to hurt yourselves. Now lay back as far as you can and look up towards the ceiling. At this point, both of you are joined only at the hands and genitals. With little movement you can sustain pleasure for quite a long time. What will it do for her? This is guaranteed to hit her g-spot giving her instant orgasm. What will it do for you (the man)? You get to watch the action. Seeing her orgasm can guarantee that you will soon be following.

What will it do for her? With the alternating of tightness and wideness she will feel two types of sensations that of deepness when wide leg and feeling her vagina wrapped around your penis and when her legs are crossed again. This is an instant orgasm position. What will it do for him? You will feel the same feelings as her but have a better advantage of taking it at your own pace. The Starfish How it's done: You (the man) sit on the floor, your arms supporting your weight behind you, your legs stretched out in front of you. She sits on your lap with her back to you, bend her knees, spread her legs and keep her feet flat on the floor. She should squeeze her PC muscles while you make small circular rotations with your pelvis. What will it do for her? She is in full control allowing her to go as fast or slow as she like and can take you as deep as she pleases. Your tongue also has access to her neck and the top of her spine. What will it do for you (the man)? You can relax while she takes full control and we all know that we like to be led every now and then. Her hands are also free to stimulate your testicles and massage your thighs. The Spoon How it's done: She should lie on her side with you (the man) behind her so that her back is pressed against your chest. Raise her top leg so that you can position your body into her (as in a side kneeling position) with your leg in between her leg entering her from behind, leaving your hands free to caress each other's bodies. What will it do for her? With this position she can go as slow or as fast as she likes and with your hands free to stimulate her clitoris it won't be long before she's coming. What will it do for you (the man)? You can caress her whole body while pulling yourself hard into her and if she clenches her buttocks while you are inside of her and hold you into position, you will be able to feel her vagina wrapped tightly squeezing your penis, this will send you wild. Best Sex positions - The wheelbarrow How it's done: Place the pillow/cushion on the floor. She should kneel with her arms crossed in front of her, resting on the pillow. She should rest her head on her arms and lift her bottom in the air. You (the man) should stand behind her and lift her legs up by the ankles until her body is almost perpendicular to the floor. Now you can enter her vagina from behind.

What will it do for her? This position is guaranteed to hit her in spots that she didn't even know existed sending tingles throughout her whole body. What will it do for him? This gives you the chance to use your entire penis. The feeling of her whole vagina wrapped around your penis will have you screaming with ecstasy.

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