1. For how long you have been working in this organization? 2. How many segments you have made for your product? A.2 B.3 C.4 D.5 3. On which strategies you have defined your market segments? 4. What is the target market of your product? A. Upper class B. Middle class C. Upper middle class D. Lower class 5. How you decide that which target market to serve? 6. What marketing strategies you have made to serve your target customers? 7. Which market offerings you have developed for your target buyers? 8. How you fulfill the needs and wants of your target customers? 9. How you perceive your brand superior against the competing brands? 10. Do you think that you provide superior quality service to your target customers? A. Yes B. No 11. What is the strength of your product? A. Quality B. Pricing C. Advertisement D. Distribution Channel 12. What are the things you think that should be improved in the product? A. Packaging B. Quality C. Price D. service (customer feedback) 13. Do you think that there is any competing brand that is equally good and provide better service quality like your brand? A. Yes B. No 14. What opportunities you perceive you can avail in your business? 15. Does current economic condition of the country affecting your business? A. Yes B. No 16. What is the specialty of your product? 17. Why you have set this specific price for your product? 18. Do you think that the price of your product is compatible against the competing brand? A. Yes B. No 19. To what extent you think place is important for selling the product? A. 20-30% B. 50-60% C. 65-70% D. 80-90% 20. Do you think the promoting your brand results in increase of revenue? A. Yes B. No 21. Which promotional activities you use for promoting your product? 22. To what extent you think that your promotional activities create a better image in the minds of the customers than the competing brand? A. 20-30% B. 50-60% C. 65-70% D. 80-90%

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