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NNDQ.Who? What? NNDQ.Who? What?

What is NDNQ!? And Why do need it?
September 2011
Theresa Heindlmeyer, BSN RNBC
What is NDNQ!? And Why do need it?
September 2011
Theresa Heindlmeyer, BSN RNBC
Expect Something Nore
What is NDNQ!?
- National Database for Nursing Quality
- National data repository through which
hospitals can confidentially compare their
outcomes to those of similar institutions
across the country.
- Nursing quality sensitive indicators can be
tracked and trended.
- Benchmarks can be identified.
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Nore history .
- After four years of development work, ANA
established NDNQ! (1338).
- University of Kansas Nedical Center is contracted by
ANA to administer the database.
- NDNQ! began as a pilot with 30 hospitals and now is
more than 1,000 hospitals strong.
- Saint Nary's Health Care is a proud member.
- Today, NDNQ! continues to grow and attract a
diverse array of healthcare facilities.
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Relationship between ANA and
- !9:5was in the forefront of health quality
indicator development
- !n 1334, the ANA - as part of its Patient Safety S
Quality !nitiative- supported a project to evaluate the
linkages between nurse staffing and patient
- Ten evidencebased nursingsensitive indicators were
defined and adopted.
- Subsequently, ANA supported nationwide pilot
studies to test the feasibility of collecting and
reporting the indicators.
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Relationship between Nagnet and
- ANCC requires data to be tracked, trended
and compared to National data.
- !n order to achieve Nagnet, we have to
demonstrate we are better than" the
national average S0 of the time for 8
consecutive quarters.
- NDNQ! is one National databank.
- There are others. CalNoc is another.
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Relationship between Saint Nary's
and NDNQ!
- Our Nursing vision . to provide excellent
care to those entrusted to us."
- Collecting, Reporting, Trending S Analyzing
data allows us to demonstrate and measure
the excellent nursing care we provide to our
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When you read you begin with ABC
- ANA's foundational Documents
Code of Ethics for Nurses
The nurse promotes, advocates for, and
strives to protect the health, safety, and rights
of the patients"
Nursing's Scope and Standards of Practice
Standard 7: Quality of Practice
The RN systematically enhances the quality
and effectiveness of nursing practice"
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!ncidence vs Prevalence
!ncidence Prevalence
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Nursing Quality Sensitive !ndicators
-Pressure Ulcer Prevalence
-Falls Prevalence
-Falls with !njury
-Restraint Prevalence
-CAUT! for !CU pts
-vAP for !CU S HRN
-RN satisfaction survey
-Smoking cessation
counseling for AN! pts and
HF patients and
-Skill Nix
-Nursing care hours per
patient day
-Practice Environment
-voluntary Turnover
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Uses for HealthCare Quality
- Transparency
- Pay for Performance
- CNS - value Based Purchasing"
- Comparison data
- Sources of Evidence for Nagnet
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Nursing Sensitive !ndicators reflect
- Characteristics of the nursing workforce
Total nursing hours per patient day,
percent of nursing hours supplied by RNs
- Nursing processes
Risk assessment and protocol
- Patient outcomes
Falls with injury, hospital acquired pressure
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Data comes from a variety of sources
- Nonthly prevalence rounds and data
- HR / OTE database
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Data presented
- !n rates:
- !n percentages:
- Raw data:
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Expect Something Nore
Pressure Ulcers
- Pressure Ulcer Prevalence: Target 0 defects
Numerator: Stage ! -!v and DT!
Denominator: !npatients assessed on day
of prevalence study x 100
- Liz started to report incidence data
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Pressure Ulcer Data Presentation
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NDNQ! RN Satisfaction Survey NDNQ! RN Satisfaction Survey
Do our nurses enjoy their jobs? Do our nurses enjoy their jobs?
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NDNQ! RN satisfaction survey
- We chose to be part of this survey because
we value your opinion and thoughts about
your job enjoyment and work environment.
- October 4
is the first date nurses can
complete survey
- October 24
is the last date nurses can
complete the survey
- Not all RNs are eligible
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Types of Questions
-Nurse - Nurse !nteraction
-Nurse - Physician !nteraction
-Professional Status
-Professional Development
-Unit Tenure
-Unit Education
-Unit Certification
-Supportive Nursing
-Nursing Administration
-]ob Enjoyment
-Plans for Next Year
-Quality of Care
-Unit Orientation
-Description of Last Shift
-Neal Breaks
-Hours Worked
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How we will use the data
- Assess our staff nurses' perception of their job
enjoyment S work environment
- Analyze the trends: both by unit and hospital wide
- Develop a plan to smooth out identified concerns
while celebrating the successes
- !mplement changes. Assure plan is aligned with
nursing vision and TH mission
- Evaluate those changes.
- Wash . Rinse .%7.;.
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Supporting each other in serving -
What is YOUR role .
- Serve as an ambassador to speak about the
positive happenings and work being done on
your units.
- Recruit staff nurses to complete the survey.
- Participation is voluntary . Encourage but do
not harass .
- WEC set a target for 70 response rate. !f
your unit attains that goal . Liz will supply a
pizza party for your and your staff nurses!
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Success to Celebrate .
-]ourney to Nagnet
-Development of the UBC
-Professional Practice Nodel
-Culture of increased staff
nurse involvement
-Unit champions (PU, Falls,
CAUT!, etc)
-Burning Questions have been
-Culture of staff helping each
other out
-Nursing Excellence Awards
-Professional development
-CNLs on board
-Novement to encourage
-Nursing !nternship Program
-Safe Lift Program / Equipment
-Float Cuidelines
-Advantage Health Nurses -
improve relationships
Expect Something Nore
Cive me a Q!
- Let's continue to provide quality care!