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December 7, 2011 Dear fellow Burlington resident, I know you share the dismay I have felt over the past few years as the financial and ethical behavior of the city government has gone in the wrong direction. The Burlington Telecom scandal, and the financial irregularities involving the current Administration’s management of the Burlington Airport are things that I never thought I would see in Vermont. It is all the more painful because I use both the airport and Burlington Telecom a lot, and both are very important to the city. In the Democratic race for Mayor we have two very decent, bright, hardworking candidates. While I initially had not intended to endorse in this race, I have concluded that we really do need a "Fresh Start", and I have decided to publicly support Miro Weinberger. Miro has vital business experience and has done extensive non-profit service here in Burlington. He has served on the volunteer Airport Commission, and strongly objected on the record to the current Administration’s mismanagement of the airport garage expansion. He led by raising red flags and by preventing the Administration from sweeping its mistakes under the rug. Miro is also the only candidate now running for Mayor who was not on the City Council during the time when the improper use of $17 million of taxpayer money for Burlington Telecom took place. He has no obligations to any political party or any politicians in Burlington or elsewhere and I believe he really can unite voters to give us a badly needed Fresh Start. I have confidence he can and will lead us through the difficult process of reestablishing our City’s financial stability while restoring our trust in Burlington's government again. I hope you will support Miro at this Sunday’s caucus, and join me in supporting Miro in the March election for Mayor. Sincerely,

Howard Dean

Caucus Info: Doors open at 1 pm on Sunday, December 11 at Memorial Auditorium. Sign in and vote anytime between 1 and 4 pm. Eligible voters must be in line by 3:59 pm to vote.

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