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Philosophy • Put your best athletes in space • Use fast players on special teams • Put your best athlete as the snapper • Cause turnovers-game changers • Punt game can not be a liability .

8 Turnovers Recovered=3 .= 39. Allowed Ave.3 yds Return Yds.7 Turnovers Recovered=4 • 2006 Blocks Allowed=0 Punt Attempts=36 Ave.= 2.9 yds Return Yds.= 32. Allowed Ave.= 1.Platte Valley Punt Statistics • 2005 Blocks Allowed=2 Punt Attempts=30 Ave.

0 yds Return Yds.6 yds Return Yds.= . Allowed Ave.= 4 Turnovers Recovered=1 .52 Turnovers Recovered=3 • 2008 Blocks Allowed=1 Punt Attempts=29 Ave. Allowed Ave.= 37.= 36.Platte Valley Punt Statistics • 2007 Blocks Allowed=2 Punt Attempts=48 Ave.

sprint to return man. at least outside the numbers. 2 point “quick” stance. Good open field tacklers -Spread from the formation. Gunner Wing PP Wing Gunner P . Alignment & Assignment Gunner -Need to be fastest kids on team. Break down giving the only direction for the return to go strait up field.Formation. -Quick release with snap.

-1 yard off LOS spread from tackle far enough they can get to a defender for a man block. Alignment & Assignment Wings –Fast kids with good blocking ability. -Block until ball is kicked.Formation. Gunner Wing PP Wing Gunner P . -Release to the numbers. secondary contain.

TE. Guards and Tackles Gunner Wing PP Wing Gunner P . Safeties -Set alignment off of snapper. get as much width as comfortable.Formation. -Block assignment until ball is kicked. Guards aim for 5 yards in from tackles. Alignment & Assignment Tackles and Guards-Linebackers. -Spread out to coverage=Tackles aim for inside the #’s.

Alignment & Assignment Snapper-Best athlete on team!!! -#1 Job is to get ball back to punter.Formation. -Be there before the ball gets there. quickly -Free release to the return man. Gunner Wing Snapper Gunner Wing PP P . No blocking assignment. -Break down and do not allow return to go strait up field.

P. Alignment & Assignment Punter-Line up 13 yards behind the snapper Prep for ball on silent snap Field the snap and get the punt off Call out ball position.“Deep Middle”.Formation. Safety on the opposite half of field from the P. Snapper Gunner Wing Gunner Wing PP P . “Left-Left-Left”. etc.

. Alignment & Assignment Personal Protector. side will vary Call out protection (to be discussed later) Put himself into best position for protection “Set” the punt team and ready the snap Safety for half the field (side he is on) Gunner Wing PP Snapper Gunner Wing P .s.“Smart” Athlete-Usually a QB Line up 5-7 yds.Formation.o. from l.

The tackler should motor down and have good balance to make a form tackle .Breakdown Drill • Purpose is to find punt team members and train them to break down and make a great open field tackle • Set-up= 10 yds. On “go” tackler sprints to return man. “Return man” at other end. coach times the throw and places the ball high like a punt to the return man. Deep. Coach and tackler at one end. wide and 30 yds.

Coaching Points on Breakdown Drill • Tackler should sprint to the ball carrier! • Tackler needs to time his “motor down” so he doesn’t run by the return man. uncoil the spring. grab skin. “bite the ball”. • Tackler needs to time his “motor down” so he doesn’t give the return man too much room to work with. • Form tackle is expected-chin up. Drill Clips .

O. More than 3 defenders on a side will be protected with a “zone” concept. P. Zone Right!) Repeat the protection calls!!! Man side will claim their defender by pointing. They should start with #1 outside.P. will tell each side what their protection rules are (ex. on either side of the snapper. 3 or fewer men on a side means you will protect man-on-man. Man Left. .Protection Rules Count the number of defenders on the L.S.

P has most immediate outside rush on “zone” side.Protection Rules continued Zone side will step inside on snap of the ball. P. P. must take outside rush on side of punting foot. You must have an audible for a pass if defense does not cover gunners. P. blocking any and all defenders attempting to rush through that gap.P. watches for blitz up the middle. . If both sides are a “Man” call. If both sides are a “Zone call.P.

Platte Valley Punt Team .

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