Colleagues: I write to inform you that I have asked Larry Sager to step down as dean.

There are deep divisions within the faculty at the moment, and I feel it is in the best interest of the Law School to name an interim dean to serve until a new dean is appointed next year. Professor Stefanie Lindquist has agreed to serve as interim dean. She presently serves as A. W. Walker Centennial Chair in Law and an associate dean and is highly respected by the faculty and students. I know there are concerns about compensation and gender inequities at the Law School, and the new leadership will be committed to exploring these issues and taking appropriate steps to address them. As you know, Dean Sager announced in August that he was stepping down. I had hoped that we could get through the transition year without interim leadership, but that is now not possible. I regret whatever inconvenience these changes are causing, and I know that if we all work together, we will continue to have a successful academic year. The University of Texas School of Law is one of America’s great law schools, and we will continue to build on that tradition. Sincerely, Bill Powers President