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GDACS impact assessment: Orange Flood alert in Thailand

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The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System provides near realtime alerts about natural disasters around the world and tools to facilitate response coordination, including media monitoring, map catalogues and Virtual On-Site Operations Coordination Centre. Alerts Current events Automatic Impact Coordination Archive News About GDACS My alert account Maps About alerts ReliefWeb Documents

Orange Flood Alert in Thailand
Orange flood alert in ThailandFri, 5 Aug 2011
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The flood started on 8/5/2011 and ended on 11/15/2011, with a duration of 103 days. This flood has severity class 2 (i.e. this is an extreme event with an estimated recurrence interval greater than 100 years). The main cause is Tropical Storms, Monsoonal Rain. The alert score is based on the reported death and displaced. Red = 1000 or more people killed or 800000 or more people displaced. Orange = 100 or more people killed or 80000 or more displaced. • • • • • alert score: 2 magnitude: 7.3 duration: 103 severity: 2 affected region: 96785.77 km2

Reports indicate that 500 person(s) have been killed and 10000 have been displaced. No reports on damage have been found. The flood affected a region of approximately 96785.77 km2.

For the following locations damage has been reported: Phrae, Sukhothai, Uttaradit, Phichit, Phitsanulok, Tak, Nakhon Sawan and Ayutthaya provinces The approximate geographic location of this flood is 17.04 latitude and 102.82 longitude. This is the centroid of the affected area, as determined by the place names mentioned in the media.

Analysis and notes from the media:
November 1, 2011: "BANGKOK (Reuters) ? Thai authorities tried to stem growing anger among flood victims on Tuesday as water swamped new neighborhoods and the government began mapping out a plan costing billions of dollars to prevent a repeat disaster and secure investor confidence.The floods began in July and have devastated large parts of the central Chao Phraya river basin, killed nearly 400 people and disrupted the lives of more than two million.Inner Bangkok, protected by a network of dikes and sandbag walls, survived peak tides on the weekend and remains mostly dry.But large volumes of water are sliding across the land to the north, east and west of the city, trying to reach the sea and being diverted by the city centre's defenses into new suburbs as they recede in others.In the northeastern city neighborhood of Sam Wa, angry residents demanded the opening of a sluice gate to let water out of their community. Residents jostled with police on



6 million ha). Thailand is also Southeast Asia's main auto-parts maker and Japan's Honda Motor Co said car production could be difficult in the second half of its business year ending in March.?Roughneen spoke to one relieved mother whose 5-year-old daughter had just been saved by rescuers who pushed through chest-high water to reach her after she was trapped upstairs by an overnight rush of water. The city is particularly vulnerable. but with flood waters bearing down on the city of over 12 million.Residents and rescuers waded through waist. "At least we know what to do. who was ousted in a 2006 coup. 40. and an estimated 2. along with seven industrial estates that have sprung up over the last two decades on what used to be the central plain's rice fields. an area roughly the size of Kuwait. "Preparation and the prevention of floods and drought is something we must start to do now. took over this year after an election that many Thais hoped would heal divisions that triggered street violence last year.An expert from the government flood management team played down the danger to inner Bangkok of opening the sluice gate.and chest-high water. the north and the centre of Thailand. Thai Red Cross volunteer Pipath Cheangnoi says he was asked by government officials to help co-ordinate the evacuation of more than 2... worried. with fears that the Chao Phraya River. 8/12/2011 .6 percent from July's 4. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra told the media: ?We are rushing to drain water and evacuate people before the http://www. parked and abandoned safely above the murky tide.? Thanarat ?Yui? Panomai said. ($1=30. and Martin Petty in Ayutthaya." said academic Anon Sanitiwong Na Ayutthaya. are threatening to engulf Bangkok. there were chaotic scenes and frantic evacuations in the ancient city of Ayutthaya. Headline inflation rose to 4. 2011: By Oliver Campbell More than 260 people have been killed by flooding in Thailand since mid-July. too late. and destroyed 25 percent of the main rice crop in the world's largest rice exporter.?Back outside the city?s hospital. Pathum Thani and Ayutthaya provinces have been largely inundated for weeks.19 percent in October from 4. reporting from Ayutthaya. styrofoam boards?anything at all that floats." he told Reuters.But city authorities warned that the flow through the gate could move via a major canal into large parts of the city which are now dry. but thanks to these helpers I have my Sililak safe.The government has discussed possible evacuation measures for Bangkok.Now the floods. ambassador." said Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) spokesman Jate Sopitpongstorn. so more water will come.To the north of Bangkok. I talk to. while 13 districts and eastern zones outside flood barriers were likely to be flooded. they never ask how high the floodwaters are but what will Thailand actually do to prevent this from happening again. and strong currents swirling in places around the hospital gates. The cabinet met to work out a recovery plan that one cabinet minister said this week could cost up to $30 billion.1 percent estimate.Saving central Bangkok from a ruinous flood would be an important victory. with 17 locations flooded over the weekend as a result of heavy rainfall. The government would invite experts from inside and outside the country to help draw up the plan and he would approach the Asian Development Bank to discuss financing. The deluge was caused in part by unusually heavy monsoon rain but the weather has been mostly clear for the past week.gdacs.03 percent the previous month as the flooding pushed up some prices but the central bank said the rises were temporary and it would focus on longer-term factors in setting policy. was inundated after the water broke through the flood walls in many areas. which runs through central Bangkok.000 patients from the provincial hospital. Journalist Simon Roughneen. The BMA said 2. it's just a matter of time to fix the leaks. "BE PREPARED"People eked out a living in the flooded provinces on Tuesday with women cooking over gas stoves in the shade of plastic sheets strung up over pick-up trucks while men in their underwear cast fishing nets into water covering roads. were likely to break their banks." Yingluck said on Monday she had assured Japanese investors there would be no repeat of the disaster. The government expects it will take three months to get the flooded industrial estates back on their feet. where historical sites are located. ?I was scared. adding that residents of the area had been told to be on alert.org/reports. the younger sister of former premier Thaksin Shinawatra." Kittirat told reporters.The National Disaster Warning Centre warned that nine canals in the capital. The inner city island. a political novice. pockets of the city have been submerged.000 patients trapped inside the building?an effort that was ongoing as darkness fell amid dangerous conditions with electricity down or unusable."We are opposed to it but the government has ordered the BMA to open the gate. groups of people have been clambering onboard dinghies. it is a case of too little.would shrink by 1. The city's 12 million people account for 41 percent of Thailand's gross domestic product.GDACS impact assessment: Orange Flood alert in Thailand Page 2 of 7 Monday and Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra ordered that the gate be opened by a meter (three feet). 80 kilometres upriver from Bangkok. Already.Over the weekend. will break its banks. Editing by Sanjeev Miglani)" October 10.8 percent above average." Kittirat said.75 baht) (Additional reporting by Ploy Ten Kate. Pracha Hariraksapitak.But prolonged misery in outlying areas and heavily flooded provinces to the north would take the gloss off any victory for Yingluck. saying the flow was relatively small compared with the amount coming in through leaks in the city's dikes. hopping on trucks and boats."Inner Bangkok is not so much an issue. Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Kittirat Na Ranong said the government would need to borrow "hundreds of billions of baht" to recover and prevent a repeat of disaster during the annual rainy season. Thailand is the second-largest exporter of computer hard drives and global prices are rising because of a flood-related shortage of major components used in personal computers. I still am. trucks and taxis were bumper to bumper for about 20 km (12 miles) on an elevated road out of Bangkok. wrote: ?All day. Authorities are installing up to 400 water pumps along the river and digging canals to divert flood waters. "We have to be prepared for the future. because many areas sit less than 2 metres above sea level. The Bank of Thailand has nearly halved its projection of economic growth this year to 2.Yingluck's government and the Bangkok authority represent opposing factions in Thailand's strife-plagued politics.9 percent in the December quarter from the previous three months due to the floods.asp?eventType=FL&ID=2011_3850&system=asgard&alertl.High tides beginning this week could exacerbate the flooding. and moving to higher ground with whatever few belongings they could extricate. especially given a perception that those areas have been sacrificed to save the capital.Yingluck. "Any investor. rafts and impromptu vessels cobbled together from truck tyre tubes.Southeast Asia's second largest -. We have to see the consequences. Among those evacuated were some 2. including an overhaul of the water-management system and rehabilitation of industrial estates. Cars. Flood levels of 30-40 centimetres were reported at one location in the city. Its Ayutthaya plant has suspended work indefinitely.245 mm (more than seven feet) of rain had fallen this year to the end of October. The floods submerged four million acres (1. and said the economy -. already near capacity levels. which have mainly hit the northeast."The disaster has been the first big test for the government of Yingluck.34 million people have been affected in at least 30 of the country?s 77 provinces."It could reach the Bang Chan industrial estate.

said 20 schools under his jurisdiction were closed indefinitely in the wake of severe flooding. ?It?s a crisis there now.000 rai . were closed in Ayutthaya. Prime Minister Yingluck said: ?We have to admit that this is more serious than in the past? The government is just a little more than a month old and it is difficult to cope with the situation because the volume of water is so high. will further drive up food prices. The floods threaten a political crisis for the Puea Thailed coalition government. September 13. the Thai National News Bureau reported. as many as 11 deaths were reported.? Earlier. Sukhothai. and destroying more than 120. warned against implementing a promised pay rise. We don?t know how much rain will fall when the new storms arrive.org/reports. according to the department The department estimates that about 2.000 families have been affected by the floods. which extend across South East Asia.. saying: ?Raising wages to 300 baht a day nationwide would have a severe impact on businesses.60 million U. Angthong." Sanlek said. the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department announced on Sunday that the death toll from the nationwide flooding which had begun since July 25 now stood at 206. according to the state-run VnExpress. 2011: "The floodrelated death toll across the country yesterday stood at 55.000 houses.Other countries in the region have also been affected by monsoonal rain and tropical storms. 13 (Xinhua) -.000 people in the province. we don?t consider the natural flow of water. More than 170 people have been killed by flooding in Cambodia since early August. The eight provinces are Phichit. In Phichit's Primary Education Service Area 2. 22. Dr Surasen Thangthong. 2011: " BANGKOK.Flooding in Henan. 27 schools suspended classes indefinitely.Since taking office. 8/12/2011 .? He added: ?There are people who believed that their villages would not be flooded because they have never been flooded from the days of their parents and grandparents? But things have changed..Two weeks ago. a Ko Kah chief district officer said. the government has been under pressure from business circles in Thailand and internationally to drop its election promises. local media reported on Tuesday.National Disaster Warning Centre director Captain Somsak Khaosuwan has publicly stated that the severity of the floods was a product of poor logistics and rampant deforestation. Phitsanulok. The flooding in Shaanxi was reported to be the worst in 50 years.Among all the schools affected by floods.Heavy rains starting from around 2. Sanlek Kamjai.?There are fears that the floods. There was a confrontation between farmers and villagers in Ayutthaya province last Friday. and another 23.asp?eventType=FL&ID=2011_3850&system=asgard&alertl.The department said a total of 150 districts in 23 provinces in northern.4 percent to 3. The Bangkok Post quoted him saying: ?It used to be villagers had four to five days to prepare. the Philippines were struck by Nalgae and Nesat.The flash floods and mudslides in northern and central provinces of Thailand caused by heavy rainstorms have hit about 14 provinces for more than three months. Residents in flood. apparently drowned in the floodwater.have been damaged. with the Bangkok Post reporting violent clashes between residents in wet areas.In a nationally televised address on October 7.In Phichit alone. Ayutthaya. Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces in China late last month affected some 12. have died in flooding since late September in Vietnam?s central and southern provinces.Meanwhile. including nine children. Many villages are built right in the path of the water.The latest deaths occurred in the central province of Saraburi where four people were killed by a mudslide on Monday. eastern and western regions are still under flood waters.m.Floods that have hit central and northern parts of Thailand for several months have left more than 600 schools submerged and 82 people killed. with both sides firing shots into the air.At least 15 people. floods have affected more than 100.700 more were under water. who heads Phichit's Primary Education Service Area 1 Office. after the Rojana industrial park was inundated. a member of Thailand?s central wage-setting committee. the latest report from the department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation said a total of 82 people were confirmed killed by the flash floods and landslides.gdacs. killing 17 people.? Industry Minister Wannarat Charnnukul told Bloomberg." October 2.?The flood crisis has exacerbated social tensions.S. The damage could cost more than 140 million baht (about 4.?Somsak said natural water reservoirs that prevented flooding in the past no longer existed due to building and property development: ?The way we build our roads and urban areas. According to Phichit's chief of disaster prevention and mitigation.000 evacuated."Floods have raged on for about three weeks already. "It's not possible for children to go to the heavily flooded schools.The monsoon also prevails over the Andaman Sea. affecting more than 1.Basic Education Commission (BEC) Secretary-General Chinapat Pumirat said floods had left 635 schools submerged and killed three students. Nakhon Sawan. dollars) in rehabilitation. Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand. including the Asian highway. The gross domestic product (GDP) growth forecast for this year has been scaled down from 4. including a Honda plant and electronics and car parts facilities. it will likely take at least one month for the floodwater to completely http://www. Sept.Almost 200 factories. Employer representative Atthayuth Leeyavanija." he said. central. their devastating impact has been exacerbated by long-term government policies that have subordinated public safety to the profits of loggers and property developers. according to the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department (DPMD). 2011: "Over 200 houses in Thailand's northern Lampang's Ko Kah district were submerged under flood waters early Sunday morning after heavy rains going on generating water runoff from a nearby hill.8 million people". Police found the latest victim in Phichit's Taphan Hin district at 6am yesterday. Dozens of houses had been swept away in the Mekong Delta and 27.com on Saturday. the main route to northern Thailand. Chai Nat and Ubon Ratchathani. Up to 70 per cent of the province's farmland . with over 3 million tonnes possibly damaged by the floods. We can?t protect every area. The Thai farm ministry announced last week that the main rice harvest would be down 12 percent.00 a. and paralysed economic life in parts of the country. a home to over 200 households. Yingluck commented that the government was at its ?wits end? because of the flooding. on Sunday morning continued for hours causing high-level flood waters that inundated four villages." September 1. Thailand is the world?s biggest rice exporter.?The floods have also destroyed infrastructure. accounting for around 30 percent of exports. Some 230. ?There is nothing we can do because the water level is higher than the barriers. More than 200 roads have been damaged.300 square meters of farmland have been hit by floods.GDACS impact assessment: Orange Flood alert in Thailand Page 3 of 7 seawater peaks. which was elected in July following a populist campaign that fraudulently appealed to the aspirations of the rural and urban poor. Business associations are using the floods to demand that the government drop its pledge to raise the minimum wage.6 percent as a result.3 million people. angry at those living in dry areas. "Judging by the current situation.hit areas rushed to evacuate to higher grounds. Weerapat Sukkhum.or about 140. Often we build things directly in its path.In a related development. but nowadays flooding can hit the same day as the warning? There are no forests to absorb the water.?Whilst the floods are a natural phenomenon. which claimed more than 100 lives. 583 are primary and 52 are secondary schools.

About 50 deaths have been attributed to the monsoon flooding in Phitsanulok and 15 other provinces declared flood disaster zones. who said free medical services were being provided by more than 300 mobile teams of doctors. the Post said. 2011: "Bangkok . located in 155 districts in 21 provinces. in keeping with the Finance Ministry's regulations.001 rai of farmland and affected 77. Officials will also be dispatched to assess damage and provide assistance. He added that the department has instructed provincial offices and agencies to urgently provide food. About 70 homes were submerged under two metres of water in Ban Thung Sanguan. The committee was tasked with studying how to prevent flooding and drought. which correspond roughly to the flooded area. She lamented that while she had invested Bt6. A 59yearold farmer. Phitsanulok.5 million people are affected by the disaster. She was accompanied by Public Health Minister Witthaya Buranasiri. the overflowing Yom River damaged some 40. The prime minister was scheduled to visit flood-affected regions of Udon Thani province later on Sunday.242 people.500 cubic metres per second of water from Yom River to Nan River through Khlong Nam Lai to alleviate flooding in Phrae and Sukhothai. Legend http://www.000 loan to grow rice from the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives.The House of Representatives yesterday voted to set up an ad-hoc committee on flood prevention and solutions. and drinking water to the region." he said. according to the Post.Water has also flowed to downstream provinces in the Central Plains. but is masked by the yellow layer (TRMM rainfall). In Anthong. He said more than 50. The tambon has reportedly never flooded before.GDACS impact assessment: Orange Flood alert in Thailand Page 4 of 7 subside.723 rai of farmlands.The Royal Irrigation Department. some corners in Mueang and Pa Moke districts were inundated. who took office August 5."August 9. 2011: "BANGKOK (AlertNet) ? Floods have killed 37 people in north and north-eastern Thailand. with flash floods expected in mountainous areas.In Uttaradit's Pichai district. On Yaemsuan. causing rivers to burst their banks. Sukhothai. and the Public Health Ministry has found that up to 29 flood victims in Phitsanulok had become suicidal. DPMD deputy director-general Chatpong Chatphut said flooding had likely ravaged more than 3.800 per rai. 8/12/2011 . Yingluck.In Amnat Charoen. Three deaths have been reported. Deputy Interior Minister Choochart Harnsawas yesterday held a meeting with Pathum Thani MPs and provincial Governor Pirasak Hinmuangkao to draw up flood-prevention plans. Nakhon Sawan and Ayutthaya provinces.139. Phichit. water and other aid to flood victims. and to deliver machines.990 people and damaging 619. downstream provinces such as Angthong and Pathum Thani have started feeling the effects. She urged new Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and the four Pheu Thai MPs from Uttaradit to help the farmers. The damage to Pichai district's farmland has been estimated at Bt22 million. and the recent flooding was said to have been caused by the diversion of 2."In Phitsanulok. prompting provincial governor Kaenpetch Chuangrangsi to alert Chanuman district officials to measure river levels and prepare for possible floods."August 22.Thirteen provinces remain under water after tropical storm Nock Ten hit the region on July 25. flat boats. tearfully said her 35 rai of rice fields were completely damaged. meanwhile. led a disaster-assessment team to the Bang Rakam and Phrom Phiram districts in the northern province of Phitsanulok. Statistical anomalies in surface water are shown as red areas. while affecting some 221. Tak.asp?eventType=FL&ID=2011_3850&system=asgard&alertl."Up to 394.gdacs. affecting 1.The floods followed days of heavy seasonal rain. the previous night of heavy rainfall and runoffs from Nakhon Phanom and Mukdahan caused the Mekong River to rise yesterday. The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department said the situation remained critical in seven provinces. In Pathum Thani's Sam Khok district. the government would only be offering compensation of Bt606 per rai for damage from the floods.It was expected to complete the study within 60 days. the Bang Toei Market was under 20cm of water yesterday.. As run-off water from upriver provinces is now flowing down the Chao Phraya River.The Nation said at least 16 provinces remain flooded. floods have damaged 321. 2011: "The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department (DPMD) yesterday said flooding triggered by Tropical Storm NockTen. said people living on the banks of the Chao Phraya River below the Chao Phraya Dam should start building embankments made of sandbags.DPMD chief Wibul Sanguanpong reported that Tropical Storm NockTen had caused floods in 6.Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra visited flooded areas of northern Thailand Sunday. Uttaradit Governor Yothin Samutkhiri initially sent officials and 100 relief bags to aid the victims.809 villages. while she had a September deadline to repay a Bt200. which has killed 20 people and left one person missing. is continuing to ravage 51 districts in Phrae." August 28. the Bangkok Post reported officials as saying.000 rai of rice fields that were nearing harvest in tambon Tha Mafeuang.000 people. Uttaradit.37 million rai of farmland. inundating wide areas in four other places where water levels continued to rise. Train service has been disrupted since Saturday in northern Thailand due to the flooding. and said the governmeng was also monitoring conditions for Thais living in the path of a hurricane hitting the eastern United States.000 people had been affected by water-borne diseases due to the floods." Global Flood Detection System Current surface water and potential flooded areas (GFDS) map The Global Flood Detection System uses passive microwave remote sensing to observe surface water for large floods..org/reports.327 people are now flood victims. and some 1. The Meteorology Department warned that heavy rains were likely to continue Monday. Extreme rainfall also causes anomalies.

The map below shows the extreme rainfall recorded by the Tropical Rainfall Monitoring mission in the last 24h (mm/24h).GDACS impact assessment: Orange Flood alert in Thailand Page 5 of 7 Accumulated rain 24hrs (TRMM) map Flash floods and landslides cannot be recorded by microwave remote sensing. 8/12/2011 . http://www.org/reports.gdacs. More information...asp?eventType=FL&ID=2011_3850&system=asgard&alertl. These events are caused by extreme rainfall in susceptible mountainous areas.

8/12/2011 ..GDACS impact assessment: Orange Flood alert in Thailand Page 6 of 7 Population density map Disclaimer http://www..org/reports.asp?eventType=FL&ID=2011_3850&system=asgard&alertl.gdacs.

gdacs.. The JRC is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the use of the information presented on this website.org/reports. this information is purely indicative and should not be used for any decision making without alternate sources of information. Information related to the flood has been collected from official and media reports by the Dartmouth Flood Observatory. © European Union.GDACS impact assessment: Orange Flood alert in Thailand Page 7 of 7 While we try everything to ensure accuracy. Joint Initiative of the United Nations and the European Commission -- Contact us -.. 8/12/2011 . The impact analysis is performed by the Joint Research Center of the European Commission. 2004-2011 Reproduction authorised provided the source is acknowledged.asp?eventType=FL&ID=2011_3850&system=asgard&alertl. UNOSAT and OCHA ReliefWeb. except for commercial purposes.Disclaimer Financially Information on this website is supported for collected from scientific and media sources in participation with 2008-2009 by European Commission Joint EC MIC Research Centre. http://www.

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