CrowdOutAIDS Open Forum Reporting Template CrowdOutAIDS Volunteer:__________________________ Organizational affiliation, if any______________________ Country:________________________________________ Discussion Location

:______________________________ Please describe the characteristics of your Open Forum. Age (you can tick more than one) Under 15 15-19 20-24 25-29 30 +

Gender and number of participants Male________________ Female______________ Other________________ Were any of these groups represented in the Open Forum? (You can tick more than one) People living with HIV Sex Workers Men who have sex with men People who inject drugs Out-of school youths Pleas describe briefly how your discussion group members were recruited. Students of____________________ Other community workers Peer educators _________________ Other_________________


CrowdOutAIDS Open Forum Report form For each question in the CrowdOutAIDS Open Forum please summarize the key issues raised in bullet points. Theme 1: Youth engagement and leadership

1.1 What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear organizations, government bodies and the UN talking about youth leadership and engagement?

1.2 In your country can you think of current examples where youth perspectives have been well-represented?


1.3 What are some of the common mistakes that are made when organizations or governments work with young people?

1.4 What challenges do you see in our community for young people to be leaders of social change?


1.5 Alright imagine for a moment that Ban ki-moon (UN Secretary-General) walks into this room and he tells you that he has a big meeting in five minutes and needs you to come up with some key principles that should be respected when the UN/Governments/non-governmental organization work with young people. What do we tell him?

Theme 2: Young people and HIV

2.1 If you could change ONE thing in the way your community deals with sex and relationships what would it be?


2.2 Current statistics in our country/region indicate that XXX young people are living with HIV. Ask participants, "Why is it like this?" Write down the answers given, and ask, "But why does (the answer) occur?"

2.3 Comprehensive knowledge of HIV prevention is still extremely low in many counties, (only 24% of young women and 36% of young men have accurate knowledge in low- and middle income countries) – what do you think is needed to raise knowledge about HIV in your country?


2.4 There are 5 million young people living with HIV worldwide. Is it important for young people living with HIV to be open about their status? What are some of the risks with being open about living with HIV in your community today?

Theme 3: Young people organized for HIV

3.1 Are young people currently active in the AIDS response in your community?


3. Within the community of XXX, what are the specific issues preventing them from getting involved?

Theme 4: Recommendations young people and UNAIDS

4.1 How can UNAIDS make young people aware that this information is available?


4.2 Some of the ideas UNAIDS has put on the table for working better with young people include a youth advisory board, a mentorship programme for young people working outside UNAIDS, or institutionalizing small research grants for young people on young people and HIV.

4.3 How can UNAIDS support and strengthen youth leadership in your country? Below are some ideas, but feel free to add your own!


4.4 Based on the above, who do you think UNAIDS should partner with to achieve these things?

Closing discussion

5.1 Of all the things we have discussed today, which one is most important to you?


5.2 Before we wrap up, is there anything that we have not discussed today that you would like to add?

Any additional information you would like to add as CrowdOutAIDS Volunteer.



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