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Published by: Alexander Pangilinan on Dec 09, 2011
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Un|vers|ty of the Last Ŷ Ca|oocan

Co||ege of Lng|neer|ng
LCL Department

kŦAŦ 3846 Sect|on 3
AsslgnmenL #3

Ga[udoţ Ier|cson UŦ
2006 Ŷ 11 Ŷ 01379 Cradeť
LCL321n Ŷ 1Þ !anuary 17ţ 2011

LngrŦ M|r|am 8or[a

(I)Ŧ ne may prescr|be ru|es and regu|at|ons to be observed by rad|o tra|n|ng schoo|sŤ he may
superv|se the course and method of |nstruct|on there|n and he may refuse to adm|t to
exam|nat|ons for rad|o operators' ||censes graduates of any rad|o schoo| not comp|y|ng w|th the
1bls sectloo stoteJ tbot tbe 5ectetoty of lobllc wotks ooJ commoolcotloos ls tbe
ooe wbo wlll ptesctlbe toles ooJ teqolotloos of o ttololoq scboolţ sopetvlse cootses tbot
ls offeteJ ooJ bove powet to tefose ot opptove ooy qtoJootes of toJlo scbool tbot wbo
ote complyloq toke tbe exomlootloo of toJlo opetotots´ llceosesŦ
lo my oplolooţ lf l om qtoJooteJ ftom tbot toJlo ttololoq scboolţ l bettet to
comply ot bove o tepoest to toke tbe exomlootloo of toJlo opetotots´ llceoseŦ l wlll olso
osk tbe sectetoty fot cooslJetotloo fot tbe qtoJootes tbot tbey ote oot tbe ooe wbo
oeeJs to be soffeteJ/ expetleoce tbe foolt of tbe scbool tbey qtoJooteJ ftomŦ

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¯¯°nf°¾¾  ° ½ ¾n  ¾f°  –f°¾€ff°°–¾n ¾½ ¾ n¾ ¾f ¾€€  f° f ½  €¾ f½½ f°–f f ¾€f ¾nf f n¯½°–f   f¯°f°€f ½ f¾#n °¾ ¾   °¯½°° €f¯–f f €¯ff f°°–¾n    n¯½f f  ¾f   f¯°f°€f ½ f¾#n °¾ f¾ f¾ ¾ n f€n°¾ f°€ –f f ¾f f ° °  ° ¾ ¾€€  $ ½  °n  €f€ ¾n –f f €¯     .

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