Group Case-Study - Ethical Implications of Emerging

Description: With the increasing importance of ICTs in the world comes a growing need to recognize the ethical ramifications of new technologies. Moreover, the rapid rate of technological change demands that we understand emerging technologies and their potential effects as they are being developed, and not wait until the consequences are manifest before we prepare for them. By understanding tomorrow’s technologies in light of infoethics goals, society can better anticipate their effects and deploy them in a manner that leverages their benefits while mitigating potential harms. In this activity you need to work in a group to identify the ethical issues of these technologies.

Requirement: You need to write a short group report (max 10 pages) explaining any five of the new technologies listed below, how they work, and their ramifications and concerns with respect to ethical implications. Also include their possible positive effects. Global Navigation System Semantic Web Digital Identity Management Radio Frequency Identification Biometrics Mesh Networking Grid Computing

Your group should consist of 5 students ONLY and each of the above topics should be covered by a different student. You should indicate on the report your contributions. You are encouraged to discuss your findings and compile a single coherent report. Dr B. Virdee 2010

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