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Goals: Explore your literacies 1. Consider how you have developed as result of repeated actions 2.

Note the literacy activities in institution, home, community, and work 3. Study forces that shaped your literacy 4. Analyze and reect how domains shape your current literacies and identity 5. Theorize and connect to course readings I. Intro ! From standard English to washing clothes, our literacies range and vary due to ! our experiences and sponsors. II. Institution A. Development 1. Private school B. Literacy activities This is m 1. Repeated essays y ver writ III. Home sion e do of o wn m A. Development then utlin y ma 1. Mom, Dad, Bro ing. I devel in fo op a B. Literacy activities cus inclu stru point des IV. Community ctur every s, al pl A. Development thing an th . Fin 1. Friends at ally, B. Literacy activities I wr ite. V. Work A. Development 1. Mom, Granddad B. Literacy activities