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l'immagine della musica

l'immagine della musica

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Published by Silvia Sfligiotti

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Published by: Silvia Sfligiotti on Dec 09, 2011
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l’immagine della musica

Silvia Sfligiotti SUPSI, 10 dicembre 2011

le origini

Adolfo Hohenstein, manifesti per le opere Iris di Mascagni e Tosca di Puccini, 1898 e 1899.

Adolfo Hohenstein. 1896. . manifesto e bozzetti di scena per La Bohème di Puccini.

Copertine generiche per dischi a 78 giri .

Copertina di un album a 78 giri di musica classica spagnola pubblicato dalla Columbia nel 1930. Un disco a 78 giri conteneva circa 3 minuti di registrazione per facciata. . L’album raccoglieva 5 dischi a 78 giri.

Copertine generiche degli album Masterworks della Columbia (primi anni 40). design attribuibile a Alex Steinweiss .

1939. design :Alex Steinweiss si ritiene che questa sia la prima copertina di un album progettata con una grafica individuale .Smash Song Hits. Rodgers & Hart.

Smash Song Hits. 1939. . Rodgers & Hart.

Smash Song Hits. 1939. Rodgers & Hart. che conteneva 4 dischi a 78 giri . design :Alex Steinweiss interno dell’album.

Copertine per la Columbia Records design :Alex Steinweiss .

Blue Note Records .

1957 design: Reid Miles .Blue Train John Coltrane.

1966 design: Reid Miles .Blue spirits Freddie Hubbard.

Reid Miles covers for records by Andrew Hill .

design: Reid Miles .A fickle sonance Jackie McLean.

In’n’out Joe Henderson. design: Reid Miles .

hub-tones Freddie Hubbard. 1961 design: Reid Miles .

psichedelia .

1967. poster for a Yardbirds and Doors concert at Fillmore. McLean. 1967.Victor Moscoso. . B. poster for a Doors concert at Avalon Ballroom.

poster . poster. .Lee Conklin. Wes Wilson. 1966. Grateful Dead. Procol Harum at Fillmore. 1967.

Disraeli Gears.Martin Sharp: Cream. 1967 .

Martin Sharp: Oz n.7 magazine cover .

Pink Floyd potster concert. . 1967.Hapshash and the Coloured Coat.

poster Ufo Dusk to Dawn. 1967. .Michael McInnerney.

Andy Warhol: Pop Art & rock’n’roll .

Andy Warhol: Johnny Griffin. Blue Note Records . The Congregation.

Andy Warhol: The Velvet Underground and Nico. . 1967.

Andy Warhol: The Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers. . 1971.

. Let it Bleed. 1969.Robert Brownjohn: The Rolling Stones.

Some Girls.Peter Corriston: The Rolling Stones. . 1978.

Some Girls. 1978.Peter Corriston: The Rolling Stones. .

Some Girls. .Peter Corriston: The Rolling Stones. 1978.

The Beatles .

Klaus Voorman: The Beatles. Revolver. 1966. .

. 1967. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.Photo shooting for the cover of Sgt.

Sgt. 1967. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. .Peter Blake & Jann Haworth.




Cal Schenkel: Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention. . We’re only in it for the money. 1968.

1999.Steven Heller cover of the New York Times Book Review. .

.Richard Hamilton: details of the cover of The Beatles (white album) 1968.



Klaus Voorman: The Beatles Anthology (3LP version) .

Hipgnosis .

Hipgnosis: Pink Floyd. Ummagumma. . 1969.

1970. Atom Earth Mother. .Hipgnosis: Pink Floyd.

The Dark Side of the Moon. 1973. .Hipgnosis: Pink Floyd.

Wish You Were Here.Hipgnosis: Pink Floyd. . 1975.

Animals. 1977.Hipgnosis: Pink Floyd. .

1978.Hipgnosis: Peter Gabriel. 2. .

. 1978. Go 2.Hipgnosis: XTC.


punk .

Never mind the bollocks.Jamie Reid: Sex Pistols. here’s the Sex Pistols. 1977 .

here’s the Sex Pistols. (retro di copertina) . Never mind the bollocks.Jamie Reid: Sex Pistols.

God save the queen.Jamie Reid: Sex Pistols. 1977 .

Sniffin’ Glue. 1976. . copertina della fanzine.Mark P e altri.

mutanti: David Bowie & Björk


Biörk. Photo by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. 1993. Debut. .

Photo by Stephane Sednaoui. 1995. Design: Me Company. .Biörk. Post.

Homogenic.Biörk. design Me Company. Art direction Alexander McQueen. . 1997. Photo by Nick Knight.

2000. . Selmasongs. Design: Me Company.Biörk.

Design: M/M Paris. . 2001. Photo by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin.Biörk. Vespertine.

. 2004.Biörk. Medulla. Photo by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. Design: M/M Paris.

2007. Sculpture: Bernhard Wilhelm Photo by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin.Biörk. . Volta. Design: M/M Paris.


appropriazione. campionamento .citazione.

Midnight Blue Kenny Burrell. 1967 design: Reid Miles .

1981 design: Barney Bubbles .Almost Blue Elvis Costello.

2.Sonny Rollins Vol. Sonny Rollins. 1957 design: Reid Miles .

. Joe Jackson.Body & Soul. 1984.

Josef Müller Brockmann. 1960 . poster per una mostra al Kunstgewerbemuseum di Zurigo.

copertina dell’album Low LIfe dei New Order .Peter Saville.

manifesto. 1932 .Fortunato Depero.

Peter Saville. copertina dell’album Movement dei New Order. 1981 .

2010 Vinyl LP edition design: Big Active .Mark Ronson & The Business Intl Record Collection.

2010 7” box set design: Big Active .Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. Record Collection.

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl Record Collection, 2010 iTunes Artwork, Intro design: Big Active

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl Record Collection, 2010 iTunes Artwork design: Big Active

compact disc: nuovi formati .


1997. design: Vitamina . Casino Royale.CRX.

design: Limbo (Mauro Carichini & Stefano Domizi) .Lungo i bordi. 1996. Massimo Volume.

1993. design: Daniel Weil (Pentagram) .Very. Pet Shop Boys.

Autechre. 1998 design: The Designers Republic .LP5.

1997 design: Farrow Design e J Spaceman . Spiritualized.Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space.

1997.Feelings David Byrne. design: Stefan Sagmeister .





1998.Singles 81-85 Depeche Mode. design: Intro .



Singles 86-89 Depeche Mode. 1998. design: Intro .

Amnesiac (special edition). Radiohead. 2001. design: Stanley Donwood & Tchoky: .


Radiohead. 2003.Hail to the Thief (special edition). design: Stanley Donwood .


2006. design: Stanley Donwood . Thom Yorke.The Eraser.

la fine delle copertine?

APC Tracks vol. 2, 1996. design: Jean Toutou

Tortoise. 1998 .TNT.

TNT. 1998 . Tortoise.

2006 design: Kiosk .Print Is Dead YourCodeNameIs:Milo.



2006 design: Beck and Big City Active (Matt Maitland/ Gerard Saint) .The Information Beck.



Radiohead. 2007 .Screenshot of the website for the pre-order of In Rainbows.

Radiohead.In Rainbows. 2007 design: Stanley Donwood & Dr Tchock .

Stanley Donwood & Dr Tchock: In Rainbows (discbox edition). 2007 . Radiohead.

2010 http://vimeo. Arcade Fire.com/13846166 .Vincent Moriset and Caroline Roberts synchronized artwork for The Suburbs.

The Future is Medieval. 2011 (website design) .Wieden + Kennedy: Kaiser Chiefs.




Design: M/M Paris. Biophilia.Biörk. 2011. Photography by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin and M/M (Paris) .






video musicali .

Alex Gopher.com/watch?v=ZGWkdNWFZiI .youtube. The child (1999) Directed by H5 http://www.

it/video/xtkin_rem-imitation-of-life_music The video is made out of 20 second footage repeated forwards and backwards.M..virgilio.E. each time highlighting different scenes . Imitation of Life (2001) Directed by Garth Jennings http://dailymotion.R.

com/watch/706820/chemical_brothers_the_making_of_star_guitar/ . Star Guitar (2001) Directed by Michel Gondry http://vimeo.metacafe.Chemical Brothers.com/1255501 Making of http://www.

youtube. Take Me Out (2004) Directed by Jonas Odell http://www.com/watch?v=x_9GR9kdZ3o .Franz Ferdinand.

mikemillsweb.com/filmandvideo_br_silently.Blonde Redhead. Silently (2007) Directed by Mike Mills http://www.html .

House of Cards (2008) Directed by James Frost http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nTFjVm9sTQ Making of http://vimeo.com/1552605 .Radiohead.

com/ .thewildernessdowntown.Arcade Fire. The wilderness downtown (2010) Interactive film by Chris Milk http://www.

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