8uslness lnLelllgence

W 8uslness lnLelllgence (8l) ls a broad caLegory
of appllcaLlons and Lechnologles for gaLherlngţ
sLorlngţ analyzlngţ and provldlng access Lo
daLa Lo help enLerprlse users make beLLer
buslness declslonsŦ
Data m|n|ng
Data m|n|ng ls Lhe process ln whlch Lhere
ls ana|ys|s of data form dlfferenL angle and
perspecLlves and summarlzlng Lhe daLa lnLo Lhe
relevanL lnformaLlonŦ
1hls klnd of lnformaLlon could be uLlllzed Lo
lncrease Lhe revenueţ cuLLlng Lhe cosLs or boLhŦ
aLa Mlnlng 1echnlques
ssoc|at|on ť a paLLern ls dlscovered based on a
relaLlonshlp of Lwo lLemsŦ
C|ass|f|cat|on ť Lo classlfy each lLem ln a seL of daLa
lnLo one of predeflned seL of classes
C|uster|ng ť makes meanlngful clusLer of ob[ecLs
LhaL have slmllar characLerlsLlc
Þred|ct|on ť LhaL dlscovers relaLlonshlp beLween
dependenL and lndependenL varlablesŦ
equent|a| Þatterns ť Lo dlscover slmllar paLLerns
ln daLa LransacLlon over a buslness perlodŦ
W Macroeconomlcs conslders Lhe performance
of Lhe economy as a wholeŦ
W An undersLandlng of macroeconomlcs ls
cruclal 1o undersLand why a change ln lnLeresL
raLes leads Lo changes ln real C9ţ we need Lo
undersLand how lower lnLeresL raLes lnfluence
declslonsţ such as Lhe declslon of how much
Lo saveţ aL Lhe flrm or household levelŦ
DndersLand Macroeconomlcs
W !usL as docLors check a number of vlLal slgns ln
a paLlenL Lo deLermlne hls healLhţ economlsLs
check a number of lndlcaLors Lo deLermlne Lhe
healLh of Lhe economyŦ
W Macroeconomlc lndlcaLors are measured by a
varleLy of governmenL agencles and Lhe daLa
are released quarLerly or monLhlyŦ
lsL of eadlng lndlcaLors
W 1rends ln Cross omesLlc 9roducL (C9)ť ConLrlbuLlon of AgrlculLureţ lndusLry and
W 9urchaslng 9ower 9arlLy (999) lndex
W llscal eflclL
W 1rends ln lnflaLlon 8aLe
W lnLeresL 8aLes
W CredlL CffŴLake
W 8alance of 9aymenL
W lorelgn Lxchange 8eserves
W Crude Cll 8aLes
W lorelgn lrecL lnvesLmenL (ll) 1rends
W 8aln fall lndex
W Sensex
W Lxchange 8aLe
W Savlngs/C9 8aLlo
W Puman evelopmenL lndex
W LlecLrlc 9ower CeneraLlon

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