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Our topic of the research was regarding the current impact on the youth of Pakistan due

to political instability, corruption and where we stand in the eyes of the world and how the war against terrorism and terrorism itself has developed frustration among the youth as well as the entire population of Pakistan . There are many issues which had led our country to the current status it has adopted on the world map. People living here and abroad they all have the perception that Pakistan is not a safe place to live and we have highlighted some major issues which has led this country

Political instability :
From the day Pakistan was on the map since that day we never had a proud and transparent government but when current issues are concerned our present government had led the entire country with a high frustration level. Now focusing on the literate youth of Pakistan they are very concerned about their future careers and they are not very sure about their future and what and where their planning could According to our survey of just 60 candidates around 90% of sample say that they are frustrated by the present government and they all agree that we have a lack of merit in this country. Now talking about the illiterate portion this high level of frustration has raised high corruption and dis - satisfaction among themselves

Corruption :
According to survey by UN Pakistan is ranked no. #1 in corruption and crime. There may be many reasons like inflation , poverty , lack of proper education in more than 80% of the country , Which has increased the rate of corruption in more or less each and every sector and at all levels. Not even a merited platform is available in education and careers that have also made many people leave this country and are very happy to move abroad as their merit is more accepted and recognized there.

United States dominance & war against terrorism :

Another factor which we think is important to quote is the US dominance and the war against terrorism which made our countrys situation from bad to worse. This war against terrorism which was influenced by United State has also made people scared and have even lost trust of future existence of Pakistan as we have spoiled our countrys image in the eyes of the world.