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British culture and civilization

The culture of the United Kingdom refers to the human activity and symbolism associated with the United Kingdom and its people. I will present some typical British customs and traditions. In Britain, even today, people are judged by their table manners, especially when eating out or attending formal functions.A popular saying in the UK is "Manners make the man." Things you should do:soup spoons, coffee spoons, and dessert spoons should be placed on the service plate or saucer when you are finished eating. Never leave them in the bowl, cup. Things you should not do:never reach across the table. If anything isn't directly in front of you, ask for it to be passed. Easter was once a traditional day for getting married, that may be why people often dress up for Easter. Even today in Battersea in London there is a special Easter Parade, where handmade bonnets are shown. More traditionally in the evening on December 31st, people open the back door (to let the old year out) and ask the first dark haired man to be seen to come through the front door carrying salt, coal and bread. This means that the following year everyone in the house will have enough to eat (bread), enough money (salt) and be warm enough (coal). Halloween is another tradition in the U.K.It is an ancient festival,which has its roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain.It was said to be a night when ghosts,demons and witches roamed the earth and people tried to placate with offerings of nuts and berries. Other curiosity about British culture and civilation are: The delicious Colchester oysters were one of the main reasons for the Romans invading Britain in 43 AD. Royal ascot isnt just a place to wear a hat,it is also a place to enjoy great food.Last year people enjoyed 120.00 bottles of champagne,six tons of solmon and more than four tones of strawberries. The top prize for strawberry eating goes to the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club - 27 tons of them are eaten (along with more than 1,500 gallons of cream) during the championship.Over 30.000 people attend the Royal Garden Parties each year. Ice cream was so popular in London in the 19th century that massive ice wells' were dug in the city. Ice was imported from America, and later from Norway to fill them. More than 163 million cups of tea are drunk every day in the Britain. The world's first chocolate was made in Bristol in the late 1720s by Joseph Fry. His company was eventually taken over by Cadbury, another British, family owned firm. Harry Ramsden's Fish restaurant in West Yorkshire can seat 250, serving nearly one million fish meals a year. These are some of the aspects of civilization from U.K.But the British cultures is more fascinating and mysterious.

Cultura si civilizatia Britanica

Cultura Regatului Unit se refer la activitatea uman i simbolism asociat cu Regatul Unit i oamenii si. Voi prezenta cateva obiceiuri si traditii tipic britanice. n Marea Britanie, chiar i astzi, oamenii sunt judecai dup manierele din timpul mesei, n special atunci cnd mnnc in oras sau participa la funcii oficiale.O vorba din popor spune,n Marea Britanie, ca "Manierele il fac pe om.Lucruri pe care ar trebui sa le faceti: lingurile de supa, lingurile de cafea, i lingurile de desert ar trebui s fie plasate pe placa de serviciu sau farfurie, atunci cnd ati terminat de mancat. Nu le lsai n castron, cupa. Lucruri pe care nu ar trebui s le faceti:niciodata nu te apleca peste masa. Dac ceva nu este direct in fata ta,cere-l pentru a-ti fi dat. Pastele a fost o dat o zi tradiionala pentru cstorie,acesta poate fi motivul pentru care oamenii deseori se imbraca elegant de Paste. Chiar i astzi n Battersea,un oras din Londra,exist o parada de Paste,unde palariile lucrate manual sunt prezentate. Mult mai tradiional, in seara de 31 Decembrie,oamenii deschid ua din spate (pentru a lsa afar anul vechi) si pun primul om brunet sa fie vazut cum intra prin usa din fata carand sare,carbune si paine. Acest lucru nseamn c toat lumea din casa,in anul urmator, va avea suficient pentru a mnca (pine), suficienti bani (sare) i va fi destul de cald (crbune). Halloween-ul este o alt tradiie n Marea Britanie.Este un festival vechi, care i are rdcinile n festivalul celtic Samhain. Se spunea ca a fost noaptea cnd fantome, demoni i vrjitoare au stabatut pmntul i oamenii au ncercat s le mpace oferindu-le nuci i fructe de padure. Alte curiozitati despre cultura si civilizatia britanica sunt: Stridiile delicioase Colchester au fost unul dintre motivele principale pentru invazia romanilor din Marea Britanie n 43 AD. Royal Ascot nu este doar un loc pentru a purta o palarie, este de asemenea un loc unde sa te bucuri de o mare de alimente.Anul trecut,oamenii, s-au bucurat de 120.000 de sticle de ampanie, ase tone de solmon i mai mult de patru tone de capsuni. Premiul intai pentru a manca cpuni merge la Clubul de Tenis Wimbledon Lawn - 27 tone sunt consumate (mpreun cu mai mult de 1.500 de litri de smntn), n timpul campionatului.Peste 30.000 de oameni participa la petrecerea din Garden Royal in fiecare an. Inghetata a fost att de populara n Londra, n secolul 19 c au fost sapate "puuri de ghea" masive in oras.Gheata a fost importata din America, iar mai trziu din Norvegia pentru a le umple. Peste 163 de milioane de cesti de ceai sunt baute n fiecare zi n Marea Britanie. Prima ciocolat din lume a fost fcut n Bristol in 1720 de Joseph Fry. Compania sa a fost n cele din urm preluata de Cadbury, o alt firm britanic, proprietate de familie. Restaurantul de peste a lui Harry Ramsden din West Yorkshire are 250 de locuri,deserveste aproape un million de mese de peste in fiecare an. Acestea sunt unele aspecte ale civilizatiei din Marea Britanie.Dar cultura britanica este mult mai fascinanta si misterioasa.