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Sonla 8oy

ShoL Slzes and Camera Angles

ShoL slze/Angle Lxample
Mic :hcI {MS)

Iwc :hcI {IS)

C|c:e Up

Shcu|cer ShcI

C|c:e Up

FcinI cf View
ShcI {FCV)

Lcng cr Wice
ShcI {LS)

Sonla 8oy

now does the camera he|p convey mean|ng? Use the key terms to he|p you come up w|th an

MovemenL Angle characLer aLmosphere emoLlon poslLlon
1he camera he|ps convey mean|ng by us|ng part|cu|ar ang|es to make the aud|ence fee| |n part|cu|ar ways Ior
examp|e the h|gh ang|e shot makes the character |ook vu|nerab|e and therefore makes the aud|ence fee|
sympathet|c towards them Another examp|e can be a |ow ang|e shot where |t makes someone seem
|mportant and powerfu| wh|ch makes them seem super|or to others D|fferent camera ang|es convey d|fferent
emot|ons certa|n pos|t|ons of characters he|p convey and engage to the aud|ence such as |f a person |s |n a
corner of a dark room and they are s|tt|ng |n a crunched up 'to themse|ves pos|t|on' th|s w||| engage to the
aud|ence as they are upset or depressed 1he camera a|so he|ps convey to the aud|ence a re|at|onsh|p between
two characters Certa|n camera movement and shots bu||d an emot|on for both the character and a|so makes
the aud|ence fee| part|cu|ar ways Ior examp|e a s|ow mot|on |s a code for some b|g event com|ng up such as a
f|ght or |t can a|so be for a romant|c scene where the s|ow mot|on means someone |s fa|||ng |n |ove or shows
chem|stry between two characters A|so two shot creates |nt|macy between two actors and shows a
re|at|onsh|p between them whether they are enem|es or |overs

Wh|ch of the fo||ow|ng terms do you fee| conf|dent us|ng?
an zoom long shoL Lracklng shoL hlgh angle shoL Lwo shoL LxLreme close up
Low angle shoL mld shoL LlLled shoL close up

Wh|ch of these terms refer to
Camera pos|t|on |ong shot m|d shot c|ose up two shot
Camera ang|e |ow ang|e shot h|gh ang|e shot t|t|ed shot
Camera movement pan track|ng shot zooms

Sonla 8oy

ScreenShoLs from '1he SlxLh Sense'

Low angle shoL makes Lhe boy look
vulnerable and Lherefore makes Lhe
audlence feel sympaLheLlc Lowards hlm us
audlence feel sorry for hlm because we puL
ourselves lnLo hls shoes and experlence LhaL
he ls feellng and seelng
1he Lwo shoL ls used Lo show Lhe relaLlonshlp
beLween Lhe man and Lhe chlld 1he shoL shows
how Lhe man ls Lrylng Lo undersLand how Lhe llLLle
boy ls feellng and Lrylng Lo help 1he poslLlon of
how he ls slLLlngs and hls faclal expresslon shows
empaLhy Lowards Lhe boy lL makes Lhe audlence
feel sorry for Lhe boy and we puL ourselves lnLo
Lhelr shoes
Close up of Lhe door handle 1hls shoL shows Lhe
boy approachlng Lhe door handle Lo open Lhe
door 1he close up conveys Lo Lhe audlence LhaL
someLhlng shocklng Lo may occur Lherefore Lhe
audlence expecLs Lo be scared and Lhls agaln bullds
up suspense and keeps Lhe audlence engaged
Low angle shoL makes Lhe Leacher seem
domlnanL and over powerlng 1hls makes
Lhe puplls seem lnferlor and also