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1heorles of lnLernaLlonal 8elaLlons

ames u learon
rlef lo
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W Chalrman ln SLanford
W focuses malnly on pollLlcal vlolence
W lmpacL of democracy on forelgn pollcy
W ubllshed numerous arLlcles
learons oplnlon Lowards uomesLlcs
W lmporLanL parL of lnLernaLlonal relaLlons
W ueals wlLh neoreallsLlc llLeraLure
W Pls Cv
u are lndependenL
or lnLervenlng varlables
u ln recenL neoreallsLlc llLeraLure
lmporLanL or noL?
W udges u Lo be noL all lmporLanL
W neoreallsLlc argumenLs ln favor of Lhls
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enneLh WalLz
rlef lo
W unlverslLy of Callfornla
W one of Lhe founders of neoreallsm
W Man Lhe SLaLe and War
neoreallsm as WalLz sees lL
W ressure on sLaLes
W Consequences
W WhaL ls behlnd neoreallsm?
W Pls oplnlon Lowards u
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W SysLemlc Lheory ls noL Lheory of forelgn pollcy
W ulfference beLween sysLemlc Lheorles and
domesLlcpollLlcal Lheorles of forelgn pollcy
W 1wo ways Lo dlsLlngulsh beLween sysLemlc and
domesLlcapollLlcal l8 Lheorles
Pow lmporLanL ls domesLlc pollLlcs?
W WhaL ls domesLlc pollLlcs?
W Shaplng and lmplemenLlng?
W WhaL ls Lhe lmpllcaLlon of Lhe lnLernaLlonal
pollLlcs on Lhe domesLlc pollLlcs?
W ulfferenL Cv
; A
W normaLlve SLandard
W ;A Agaln?
W Summary
1hanks for your aLLenLlon!
W ?ou should feel free Lo applause
W uo lL Serlously