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Yve-Car Momperousse is an experienced professional with 10 years of non-profit management practice. Ms.

Momperousse s past work includes serving as Assistant Director in Development and Alumni Relations at the University of Pennsylvania. She worked closely with class officers, trustees, donors, and University departments to build relationships that resulted in innovative programming and engagement of alumni, particularly, alumni of color and non-traditional alumni. Prior to Penn, she focused on action through fundraising. Yve-Car raised $300,000 for the AIDS Coalition of Southern New Jersey and worked with the Philadelphia Mayors Office, Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus, State Senators and the Haitian Community to raise $100,000 for the Haiti Earthquake Relief and Rebuilding Fund.
Ms. Momperousse has played a key role in conceptualizing, starting and reimagining strategic initiatives. She Co-founded the National Haitian Student Alliance with R&B Grammy winner Wyclef Jean and managed a national conference of over 800 attendees. She served as Project Coordinator for the New Jersey Immigration Policy Network where she prepared and monitored the State of NJs program budget in addition to designing and teaching over 100 classes. Yve-Car also taught and designed

entrepreneurship curriculums for students in K-12 for the Empowerment Group and re-designed and taught over 300 financial education courses for New Jersey Citizen Action. Yve-Car holds a Bachelors degree in Urban Studies and Metropolitan Planning from Rutgers University with a minor in Business Administration. Ms. Momperousse attributes her zeal for serving others to the John F. Kennedy Citizenship Award she received in first grade which reads: Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country.