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Here is the inside cover of our digipak.

It was by far the easiest to create, as it clearly consists of a single photo, just like all other digipaks in the pop genre. However, it did take a long time to cut around the artists picture in the detail that we have using the magnetic lasso tool on Photoshop.

This is the start of the front cover of the digipak. Again a red background has been used in addition for a consistent synergy throughout. The text has also been added through Photoshop, by using the text tool and dragging it to where we deemed appropriate. Just like in the AS media course, the website was used to find a suitable font, in this case Channel to appear, as well as keeping the pop genre.

The image on this slide is the third stage of the digipak front cover. The male has been imported into the background after being cut from another image, again using the lasso tool, duplicating the layer and pasting it on the document on the previous slide.

This is the final production for our digipaks front cover. As with the previous slide, again the lasso tool enabled the two females to be cut out of a different image and placed onto the image shown. Just like the male, they were inserted by duplicating the layer and pasting it on the document.

Here is the first stage of the back cover. Like all aspects of our digipak, the synergy has remained consistent, as the same background colour and simple but effective images have been used. This means that the digipak will become immediately recognisable to the audience as one. The magnetic lasso has yet again been used to cut out the artist image, alongside the layer duplication and pasting on the document.

The second stage of constructing the back cover is the image to the right.
Synergy has once again occurred as the text that features on the front cover is used, as well as the red background. The song titles were simply added using a text box.

Now the back cover is complete. A barcode, found on Google has been inserted by creating another layer, duplicating it and placing onto the previous document. Just like with all other album covers of all music genres, it has been placed in the bottom right third as it is there out of necessity rather than preference.