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Women Fashion Revolution in the 1920s

Gabriela Mesquita and Sofia Vargas Senior Division Group Website

Process Paper
How we chose our topic: We began research in class to see what subject we were interested in. This took a couple of days. We had a wide variety of choices, but eventually we figured out that we were both interested in fashion, which narrowed our search. We then researched fashion and types of rebellion. 1920s fashion had been an era that we were both interested in, and coincidentally, it was also a rebellious time period. How we conducted our research: We first started our research at our schools computer lab. We used the Internet and looked at many different websites, both primary and secondary sources, that provided a lot of information on 1920s fashion. After that, we went to the library and tried to find some books on our topic, but we were unsuccessful. We took notes on the information from these websites and then we did an outline with all the info we gathered. Then we started our annotated bibliography as soon as we finished our outline so that it would be completed as soon as possible. How we created and developed our website: We outlined our information on before the 1920s, development of the flapper era, defying older generations, flapper fashion, and impact of the flapper fashion around the world. Then we created our website and designed the website. We inputted all our information onto the website and organized it to our liking. We condensed all of our information into a quantity that would perfectly portray our topic, and that would also meet the NHD criteria. Finally, we reviewed, made changes, and perfected the website. We then presented it to our family members.

How our project relates to the theme: Our project relates to this years theme in many ways. This years theme is Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History and the flapper era was just that. The flapper fashion was created as a form of rebellion against social, political, and economic oppression. It changed the lives of women around the world, mainly in the United States, and it changed our countrys history as well. If the flapper fashion had not been created and enforced, then the women of today would probably still be covered head to toe in clothing. The Victorian fashion might still be evident in our world today. (402 words)