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When I was three years old I could not understand how storks bring children to the new parents.

Everyone in my family enjoyed assuring me that a big white stork brought me to life. Due to the early onset of my natural curiosity and hunger for knowledge I kept on persuading my parents to tell me the truth. As a result of my persistency I became able to describe the process of making babies using a relatively scientific vocabulary at the age of three. Since then, everyone has known I will become a doctor. During my adolescence I was being focused on academic success at my high school, on my development as a solo singer and on fencing. Moreover, these three parts had been fulfilling my life until a mayor change happened to me. The turning point in my life was being awarded a scholarship to finish high school at Druga gimnazija Maribor in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Taking care of myself at the age of 16 was the greatest challenge in my life, I became more responsible, reliable, organized, I tried to integrate in the Slovenian society, learnt a new language and made lifetime friends. Education I obtained throughout my life was highly upgraded in the IB programme. What is more, by taking chemistry, biology and psychology on such a high level I comprehended that I would not like to study basic science. I choose medicine over all the other sciences because it actually unites all of them, because it involves communication with people, and is a challenging field offering countless research opportunities. Apart from medicine, there is music in my life, which I consider a very important contribution to medicine as it helps me understand myself and the people around me. Therefore, I dedicate a half of my free time to music and the other one to sports as the adrenalin rush helps me clear out both my thoughts and my soul . My life experience makes me an ideal candidate for you University as you seek for an independent, self-confident person, who is reliable, responsible and at the same time has a strong team spirit, outstanding academic background and very clear vision of what is the end of the long and winding road of their life - being a highly successful medical doctor.