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1. What is the overall goal of the study ? To understand the causes of negative feelings and explain the ways of eliminating students negative feelings.

2. What is the research question ?

What are the negative feelings ? How to get rid of learners negative feelings in foreign language learning ? How can teachers help learners to get rid of their negative feelings ?

3. Where is the study conducted ?

Hrriyet Ticaret ve Sanayi Odas primary school in Bursa

4. Who are the participants of the study ?

36 seventh grade students 5 English teachers

How are the participants selected?

They are selected randomly

What are the participants relevant characteristic ?

The students are all thirteen years old and all in secondary class, all in the forth year of learning English as a foreign language

What are the participants relevant characteristic ?

The teachers are all English teachers at the same school.
Their experiences were ranging from two years to ten years.

5. Which data collection tecnique is used ?

Only quantitative research method is used, including two different questionnaires for students and teachers.

6. How is the data analyzed ?

The results are showed by percentages in tables

7. What are the findings of the study ?

The mistakes of students, the shouts and scolds of teachers, laughs and talk of the the other students effects the students negatively.

8. What conclusions are reached ?

Teachers smile Positive feedback Behaving fairly Calling students with names Finding solutions for problems

9. What are the contribution for ELT ?

Being aware of the causes of negative feelings in students And knowing the ways to eliminate them

10. What are the implications of the study ?

The students should feel that they are important and the teacher should give students rewards and should give them positive feedbacks.There should be a positive classroom atmosphere.

11. What are the limitations of the study ?

This study can be done with more students and teachers also it can be done in primary and high schools.

12. What are the suggestions of this study for further research ?
Private reasons (family background) can be examined. An interview can be done for teachers.