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Betelhem T Wondimu Causes of the Spanish War

There were several reasons for the Spanish War but the most significant were as follows the down fall of the Spanish Empire, the deep division amongst the Spanish society and the political instability. Spain falling behind in industrialization led to the decline of the economy as they were highly dependent on agriculture. Leading to their inability to maintain their colonies hence their empire collapsed. The economic, political and religious division that existed between the Spanish societies was tremendous. Examples of such divisions were seen amongst the different classes of the Spanish society as the gap that existed between the higher class and lower class was significant. Such differences existed between the landowners and the peasants, country side and towns, church and Anti-clerical movements as the church had enormous power and was threatened by groups with challenging or opposing views. Conservatives and Liberals, the lack of a political middle and extremists elements were increasingly popular leading up to the political instability. In addition, the weaknesses of the Republican Government were highlighted as it failed to control the reforms and contain those plotting against the republic and it filed to maintain peace and order. To even worsen the conditions the army had a tendency of interfering with politics adding to the violence that was inflicted towards the oppressed Spanish people.

In a nut shell several aspects played a role and contributed into the catastrophe the Spanish war had come to be.