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Error message: Internal error in program SAPLEINR in position L004 (RC = 8) Process: Goods Receipt Outbound Delivery - MIGO

Client: 702 AFP (Production) Simulation of the process with the error message in the Quality Environment (Client: 702 AFQ) Whole process description: 1) Create a Stock transport order: Transaction ME21N Stock transport order created: 4501873207

We created a stock transport order with 2 items and different materials (5212104, 5212058); For each material there are 2 delivery schedule;

2) Create an Outbound delivery: Transaction VL10B

3) Process of picking and post goods issue

1) We did the picking and post (outbound delivery 85002930) of 2 delivery schedule for the 2 materials in the stock transport order; 2) After we reversed the goods movement with transaction VL09; 3) Created again the picking and post of 2 delivery schedule from the 2 materials in the stock transport order; 4) Before doing the goods receipt in transaction MIGO, we created the picking and post ( outbound delivery 85002931) of the other delivery schedule for the item 1 in the stock transport order; 5) Did the same process for the item 2 in the stock transport order (outbound delivery 85002932);

4) Process of goods receipt outbound delivery transaction MIGO; When we try to do the goods receipt using the outbound delivery 85002930 we get the error message as shown in the screen below: