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December 9, 2012 Navy Mid-Atlantic Region is responsible for the operation of Navy installations from North Carolina to Maine and is committed to supporting the Fleet, Fighter and Family. As such, we are committed to ensuring that housing for all service members in Hampton Roads is safe. The Navy Housing office works with military families to identify suitable rental housing and, thereafter, is available to advise military members and liaise with owners to resolve landlordtenant issues. This is true whether or not the housing is located on Navy land or out in the community. With respect to former government-owned military housing in Hampton Roads that was privatized in 2005 and is now owned and operated by Mid-Atlantic Military Family Communities, LLC, a private entity managed by Lincoln Military Housing (LMH), the Navy has an additional responsibility to ensure that the terms of the ground lease are honored. Whether representing the tenant in a liaison capacity or administering the ground lease, the Navy has a history of working with Lincoln Military Housing (LMH) to enhance the quality of life of military residents and their families. Since we were first informed of this issue, we have been engaged with Lincoln Military Housing and continue to assist them in addressing these concerns. Navy staff, including engineers and technicians, have visited with several residents to assess their Lincoln managed homes. We have also begun meeting individually with nine military families who have reported unresolved issues with the rental units. During these meetings the families have the opportunity to express their specific concerns with Navy officials. In addition, the Navy will be conducting two Housing Forums next week to meet with our military families living in Lincoln Military Housing to address any concerns and issues they have and provide the residents an opportunity to talk to experts and Navy leadership. The Navy will continue to work with Lincoln to insure that this issue is appropriately resolved. Taking care of our military families in Hampton Roads is a top priority. Rear Admiral Tim Alexander, USN Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic