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Paragraph Writing II

Name: Mochamad Yosep NIM: 1210503092 Class: BSI / III / C

Orientations or introductory session is a meeting or series of events at which introductory information or training is provided to somebody embarking on something new such as a course of study (Microsoft Encarta 2009), students usually have several days on their first schooltime for doing orientations. Students from very early level of school till students from university are usually doing the orientations on their first school-day, there are different in way of orientation in every school depend on how the rules work are use in the school. This introductory session may have positive and negative effect to the participant of it pendent on several causes. The participant can receive positive effect from the orientation if they were really appreciate the event, because if they were not appreciate the event it can make no positive effect; the rule and also the program of the orientations is another factor to the participant to receive positive effect from the orientation, there are some rule that violent the participant and I think that kind of rule should be abandoned anymore. The participant can receive much of the orientation. If the program, they will not obey and orientations should be gratifying negative effect of orientation. negative effect if they were not thinking participants dislike the event and the go on their way. The programs of the to the participant in order to prevent

Orientation should be held or not? Thus from all though above, I conclude that orientations is a good and important event because it will lead the participant to know their school well, so the orientation is still a must to held by the school but in a condition that the program should be gratifying and useful to the participant in other to beneficence of the school and the participant.