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Election of Office Bearers Nominations for Annual General Meeting 2011

CHAIRMAN VICE CHAIRMAN SECRETARY TREASURER No Nomination (Rick not standing) No Nomination (Angela not standing) No Nomination (George not standing) Barry Herrmann


CHURCH COUNCIL MEMBERS Tony & Annette Wuersching, Gloria Kajewski & Audrey Lindenmayer not standing New members for the next 2 years:- No Nominations ELDERS Those serving another 12 months: Lawrence Lindenmayer, Ken Reid & Barry Herrmann New members for the next 2 years:- Roy Wuersching, Owen Borgelt, Kevin Briese LAY READERS Gavin Lindenmayer, Lawrence Lindenmayer, Kevin Briese CHIEF STEWARDS- Stan Krause, Ian Wuersching and Angela Wuersching WORSHIP COMMITTEE Margaret Burkert, Lawrence Lindenmayer, Sue Braunberger, Ruth Fritsch

JUMP (Childrens Ministry Coordinators) No Nomination (Gloria & Audrey not standing) JUMP HELPERS No Nomination

GROUNDS COMMITTEE Barry Herrmann, Owen Borgelt and Roy Wuersching AUDITORS Betty Reid and Gavin Lindenmayer NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE Barry Herrmann Annette Wuersching & George Burkert not standing PARISH COUNCIL REPS Barry Herrmann Rick Kajewski not standing KOOJAREWON CAMP Kevin Briese not standing LCAQD SYNOD DELEGATES Elmore and Ruth Fritch LLL REP Ken Reid MISSION REP Ruth Fritsch TOOWOOMBA LUTHERAN COUNCIL Shirley Borgelt George Burkert not standing