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Aura Miluska Arbulu Vasquez- Basic 11

Conversation 1 Jess: Hey Tomas , Id like to repaint the living room Thomas: mmm, really? And what color? Jess:All pink, I really love the idea. Thomas: What? Pink? I dislike painting the house with pink,it make me feel nervous What about grey? Is it more neutral Jess: Grey? No way, Is boring, Thomas: well, for me gray is relaxed not boring, soy I decided painting grey! Jess: haha, well see. Conversation 2 Thomas: You look a little blue, What happened? Jess: Nothing I can put my finger on, Its just Id like to go to the beach with the kids. Im tired of being in the house without holiday. Thomas: oh, but dont worry, I have a surprise for you! Jess: what surprise? Thomas: I got a bono from work, so we can go to the beach, if you want of course Jess: of course I want, Im so excited about going to the beach, you are the best! Writing In this family there are 6 people, but today Im gonna talk about the childrens, there are 3, Leo, Joaquin and Miluska; Leo is the oldest brother, he is very mature for his age, he is serious and he is afraid of not being successful, he loves to wear color red, he likes talking with old people, he enjoys asking about the future and all that stuff, very responsible and self-critical, in the other hand, its Joaquin, he is the youngest brother and he is always making everyone laugh, he is the funniest boy in the entire world, also is very smart, and he loves the art, if you are talking about painting or dancing, Im pretty sure that Joaquin will be there for doing too, I believe in teaching him, all related wit art, he will be a huge start, and the only girl, is the middle child, she is the one with most friends in the family, and also very smart, she is planning a lot of things in her mind, but she doesnt tell anything to anyone, she wants to do her things by herself, she is a silent rebel, she is panting , she looks like a quiet person, but inside of her, she is thinking about swimming in the sea, and excited about spending time with her family, is her nature.