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25645974 Texas Hold Em Excellence

25645974 Texas Hold Em Excellence

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Published by Hehessy Zozo

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Published by: Hehessy Zozo on Dec 10, 2011
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Our five players are seated at the table and ready to play.
We have a professional dealer to deal our cards for us as this
will be the way that it is laid out both at a casino and when
playing online.

We are playing a $20-$40 limit game, which means that
the lower betting limit is $20 and the higher limit is $40.
The person to the immediate left of the professional
dealer is the Dealer. This is who the professional dealer is
dealing on behalf of. The professional dealer places the
Dealer Button in front of this player, so that all players know
who is the active Dealer.


The player to the left of the button pays the Small Blind into
the pot by pushing his chips towards the centre of the table.
Being half of the lower betting limit, the small blind at this
stage of the hand is set at $10.


It is the player to the left of the small blind that is
responsible in paying the Big Blind. Being an amount
exactly equal to the lower betting limit, this player pushes
their $20 worth of chips towards the centre of the table and
into the pot.

Remember that the Blinds are forced bets and must be
paid. Once each person at the table has been the dealer, all
players would have had their turn in playing the blinds.
The pot currently holds $30.

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