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25645974 Texas Hold Em Excellence

25645974 Texas Hold Em Excellence

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Published by Hehessy Zozo

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Published by: Hehessy Zozo on Dec 10, 2011
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Once the players have equalised their bets on the first
betting round, the dealer then burns the top card from the
remaining deck of cards and deals three cards face-down on
to the table. The cards are then turned over so that they
are face-up and are spread out side-by-side to reveal the
first three of the five Community Cards. This is known as
The Flop.

The players ascertain if they can improve upon their hand
by utilising the three community cards with their Pocket
(or Hole Cards). They will also need to decide
whether their hand can be improved upon with the
remaining community cards.
The community cards are also known as The Board.

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